Marketing and Supply Chain News

Doctoral student Daniel Chavez was selected as one of the twelve finalists for UK GradResearch Live! This event was born out of the University of Queensland’s 3-Minute Thesis (3MT) competition, a research presentation initiative that challenges graduate students to effectively communicate their research to a general audience, with a single slide, in three minutes or less. Chavez came in second in the competition. Congrats!

“Stacked Discount and Product Return,” a 2018 paper by Haipeng "Allan" Chen and colleagues Necati Ertekin and Jeff Shulman, has been accepted by Marketing Science Journal. 

David Hardesty joins the Editorial Review Board for the Journal of Marketing Research.

Haipeng "Allan" Chen and coauthors have won the 2018 Naresh K. Malhotra award for the greatest long-term contribution to the Review of Marketing Research.

The 2018 Department of Marketing & Supply Chain Research and Teaching awards for Faculty and Students were announced this month. Congratulations to the following recipients!

Professor Alexis Allen received the 2018 Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Teaching Award.

Professor Aaron Garvey received the 2018 Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Research Award.  

PhD Candidate Alex Ziegler received the 2018 Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Student Teaching Award.

The Department of Marketing & Supply Chain has further improved their UTD top 50 position for both Worldwide (#41) and North American (#38) research rankings. Congratulations to the Marketing & Supply Chain faculty on their continued productivity!

Brian Murtha has been appointed to the Editorial Review Board of the Journal of Marketing, an elite journal. Since its founding in 1936, the Journal of Marketing has played a significant role in the dissemination of marketing knowledge grounded in scholarly research, as well as in shaping the content and boundaries of the marketing discipline. Congratulations to Brian!

David Hardesty has an article forthcoming at the Journal of Consumer Research, an elite marketing journal. The work is entitled “Experiencing and Reasoning about Emotions in Evaluative Conditioning: How Emotional Ability Impacts Attitude Formation” and is co-authored with Jonathan Hasford from the University of Central Florida and Blair Kidwell from the University of North Texas. Congratulations to David and his coauthors!

Haipeng (Allan) Chen has been invited to serve as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Retailing. The Journal of Retailing is marketing's longest-running journal founded in 1926, and is devoted to advancing the state of knowledge and its application with respect to all aspects of retailing, its management, evolution, and current theory. Congratulations to Allan!

Remember a few years ago when airline ticket fares increased dramatically due to surcharges which were added quickly in response to sharply rising fuel costs? Even though fuel prices have moderated substantially, many, if not most, of the higher fares are here to stay. And yet such pricing practices, dubbed “asymmetric pricing” by academics, seem to be less prevalent in other parts of the world. For example, similar fuel surcharges were revoked in Japan and the Philippines.