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Filling in the GAAPs in individual analysts' street earnings forecasts

Management Science

Brian Bratten, Stephannie Larocque and Teri Yohn


Social Networks Research in Accounting and Finance

Contemporary Accounting Research

Monika Causholli, Gatton PhD Valbona Sulcaj, Pietro Bianchi and Miguel Minutti-Meza

Spring 2023


Did the PCAOB's 2009 Office Expansion Improve Audit Quality?

Contemporary Accounting Research

Tyler Kleppe, Justin Blann and Jonathan Shipman

Spring 2023


Retail Shareholders and the Efficacy of Proxy Voting: Evidence from Auditor Ratification

Review of Accounting Studies

Tyler Kleppe, Cory Cassell and Jonathan Shipman


Client Consulting Opportunities and the Reemergence of Big 4 Consulting Practices: Implications for the Audit Market

The Accounting Review

Tyler Kleppe, Elizabeth Cowle, Robbie Moon, and Jonathan Shipman

November 2022


Does Distance Matter? An Investigation of Partners who Audit Distant Clients and the Effects on Audit Quality

Contemporary Accounting Research

Nargess Golshan, Nicholas Hallman and Jere Francis

Summer 2022


Did the Siebel Systems Case Limit the SEC's Ability to Enforce Regulation Fair Disclosure?

Journal of Accounting Research

Tyler Kleppe, Kristian Allee, Brian Bushee, and Andrew Pierce.

September 2022

Do Managers Issue More Voluntary Disclosure When GAAP Limits Their Reporting Discretion in Financial Statements?

Journal of Accounting Research

Aaron Roeschley, Paul Hribar, Richard Mergenthaler, Spencer Young, and Chris Zhao.

March 2022