An article entitled "Regulatory Benefit-Cost Analysis – Advice for a New Presidential Term," by Glenn Blomquist, Professor of Economics and Public Policy Emeritus, was presented at ASSA 2021 Annual Meeting.

Darshak Patel was invited to speak at the 11th EconTEAching seminar. 

Elena Liu received an honorable mention in the social sciences category of the 56th Oswald Research and Creativity Competition. 

Christopher Waller, executive vice president and research director at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, has been confirmed by the U.S. Senate as Federal Reserve governor. 

On his YouTube channel, Dr. Abdullah Al Bahrani talks to Darshak Patel about a variety of issues.

Darshak Patel recently gave two presentations, ""Creating Engaging Large-Enrollment Classroom Experiences: Remotely or (again someday) in Person" and "Creating Engaging Remote Classroom Experiences" at two different events.

John Garen was named a Distinguished Kentucky Economist at the Kentucky Economics Association 2020 Meeting. Dr. Garen also delivered the KEA keynote address, “The Economics of Organizations as Applied to Schools: Confessions of an Old-Fashioned Economist.” 

Undergraduate student Dylan Baker received Best Undergraduate Paper award for his paper, "The Intersection of Housing Policy and Adolescent Asthma Rates" at the Kentucky Economics Association 2020 Annual Meeting. 

Ken Troske was interviewed on WUKY about the hidden costs of the pandemic. 

David Wildasin is the winner of this year's Daniel M. Holland Medal.