In the fast-paced world of economics, there are stories that can sometimes stay under the radar. One such story belongs to Charles Hokayem, a dedicated applied microeconomist whose journey from...

Gatton Endowed Associate Professor, Felipe Benguria's paper, "The Transmission of Commodity Price Super Cycles", co-authored with Felipe Saffie and Sergio Urzua is forthcoming.

Gail Hoyt and Darshak Patel's paper, “If you only had five minutes: Best advice for new instructors of economics” was accepted and published at the Journal of Economic Education. 

A new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NAS) offers recommendations for updating how poverty is measured in the U.S., with a special focus on the costs of child care and health care, as well as regional differences in housing costs.

Darshak Patel’s paper, co-authored with Justin Roush (Xavier University), “Emoticons as Performance Feedback for College Students: A Large-Classroom Field Experiment,” was published in the American Economic Association: Papers and Proceedings.

Congratulations to PhD candidate, Linli Zhao for receiving first prize for her paper, "Aging Gracefully Under Pressure: How Age Distribution Buffers the Impact of Economic Uncertainty on Employment Volatility," in the Gunther Economics Research competition. 


Gatton College of Business and Economics is pleased to present the Spring 2023 Gatton Doctoral Research Excellence Awards recipients. 

Poverty statistics are essential for determining the size and composition of the population whose needs are going unmet. Accurate poverty measures help society target resources to alleviate hardships...[Read More]

David R. Agrawal and Kenneth Tester paper, “State Taxation of Nonresident Income and the Location of Work" is forthcoming in the American Economic Journal: Economic Policy.