Chris Bollinger was recently quoted in The Atlantic. 

"The Internet as a Tax Haven?" will be published in the American Economic Journal: Economic Policy

Students Ben Davison, Jaclyn Fischesser, Luke Schlake, Wyatt Flick, and Caleb Buckman won first place in the 2021 Econ Games. 

Lala Ma will join a panel of experts for an online event focused on the history and policy of environmental justice. 

Lugauer and co-authors used data on more than 100 million births in the United States to examine whether fertility behavior anticipates economic recessions. 

Benguria's recent work is a model of the selection of exporters and importers into trading pairs based on findings from matched exporter-importer data. 

Gail Hoyt and Darshak Patel have been highly ranked in an examination of the first 50 years of the Journal of Economic Education.

James Ziliak will chair a National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine panel tasked with improving the nation’s Supplemental Poverty Measure (SPM).

Describing the many ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic affected Kentucky’s economy, the Center for Business and Economic Research (CBER) — the applied economic research branch of the Gatton College of Business and Economics at the University of Kentucky — released its 49th Kentucky Annual Economic Report today.

David Agrawal has been named Editor in Chief of International Tax and Public Finance for ITAX.