Job Market Candidates 2019-2020

We're pleased to present our job market candidates for 2019-2020:

Name Email Primary Fields Advisor Job Market Paper
Samuel Acheampong International Finance and Applied Macroeconomics Yoonbai Kim Economic Integration in Europe: Measurement and Implications on Risk Sharing
Sookti Chaudhary International Trade and Environmental/Health Economics Josh Ederington Impact of Foreign Competition on US Firms' Environmental Behavior
Xiaozhou Ding Labor Economics and Urban Economics Chris Bollinger and Steven Lugauer The Expansion of Higher Education and Household Saving in China
Samuel Ingram Labor, Applied Microeconomics and Public Policy John Garen Barriers to Employment: Real Estate Agent Licensing and Housing Markets
Alexander McGlothlin Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics, Labor, Health, Frank Scott Mavericks and Mergers in Concentrated Markets

Director of Graduate Studies and Placement Director: Josh Ederington (email)

Placement Assistant: Jeannie Graves (email)