Workshops and Colloquia

All workshops take place from 2:00 - 3:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted. 

Workshop Schedule      
Date (Time if not 2:00PM) Name School Type
9/2/2022 Mark Cheng University of Kentucky Workshop
9/9/2022 Sarah Stein Virginia Tech Workshop
9/16/2022 (1:30pm) Anh Pham  University of Kentucky Workshop
9/23/2022 (12:35pm) Beth Blankespoor University of Washington Workshop
9/30/2022 Wenyin Li University of Kentucky Workshop
10/7/2022 (1:00pm) Miguel Minutti-Meza University of Miami Workshop
11/18/2022 Robbie Moon Georgia Tech Workshop
12/9/2022 Vivian Fang University of Minnesota Colloquium
2/3/2023 Donnie Young Indiana University Workshop
2/17/2023 Po-Chang Chen Miami University Workshop
3/3/2023 Scott Asay University of Iowa Workshop
3/24/2023 Andy Imdieke University of Notre Dame Workshop
4/21/2023 Nemit Shroff MIT Workshop


Previous Colloquia

Dr. Brian White 2022-2023

Dr. Kathryn Kadous 2021-22
Dr. Michael Willenborg 2021-22
Dr. Terry Shevlin, 2020-21
Dr. Jeff Hales, 2020-21
Dr. Robert Knechel, 2019-20
Dr. Jenny Tucker, 2018-19
Dr. Scott Jackson, 2018-19
Dr. Rick Hatfield, Dr. Mohan Venkatachalam, 2017-18
Dr. Lisa Koonce, Dr. Teri Yohn  2016-17
Dr. Linda Myers, Dr. Mark Peecher  2015-16
Dr. Kathryn Kadous, Dr. Ole-Kristian Hope  2014-15