Behavioral Research Lab

Gatton’s Behavioral Research Lab (BRL) is a unique, controlled laboratory designed to facilitate marketing research conducted within the Gatton College of Business and Economics. The Lab is available for use by faculty, graduate students, post docs and research assistants who are affiliated with the Gatton College of Business & Economics.

The Behavioral Research Lab within the Gatton College of Business and Economics is a vital resource for faculty and students to conduct a broad range of market research. The space can be adjusted to meet the needs of the research being conducted in a controlled environment.

The lab includes 32 workstations, with Biopac Physiological Measurement capabilities, and Tobii stationary and mobile eye tracking capabilities. There is also a retail and food area to collect mock grocery store data and conduct food-related research.

BRL Research

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BRL Faculty

University of Kentucky faculty conducting research using the BRL.

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Lab director
Daniel Sheehan

If you are interested in using the Behavioral Research Lab for research or academic use, please contact Daniel Sheehan.

Daniel Sheehan
Assistant Professor in Marketing and Supply Chain
Director of Behavioral Research Lab
University of Kentucky