This paper presents one approach to integrating data analytics (DA) and visualization content and software into the accounting information systems (AIS) course. The proposed AIS course model—which includes core and support components—covers many topics in the proposed 2024 CPA Evolution Model curriculum.

David S. Hulse, Ph.D., to receive annual award for outstanding contribution to the Journal of Financial Planning.

Tyler Kleppe's paper, "PCAOB Inspections, Knowledge Diffusion, and Corporate Tax Planning Effectiveness" was recently accepted for presentation at multiple highly-competitive research conferences...

Kleppe recently named to the Editorial Board of Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory (AJPT). 

Sung-Yuan (Mark) Cheng and Sohee Kim both presented papers at the 2022 Annual Meeting of American Accounting Association in San Diego, California.  

Ben Commerford recieved The Accounting Review (TAR) Outstanding Reviewer Award at the 2022 American Accounting Association (AAA) annual meeting.

Ben Commerford's paper, "Management’s Reporting Motives and the Leniency of Auditors’ Internal Control Evaluations: The Role of Organizational Identification and Auditor-type," has been accepted for publication in The Accounting Review.

Olivia Davis, lecturer in the Gatton College of Business and Economics, is one of the distinguished Great Teacher Award recipients who strives to help her students discover their passions.

This event recognizes Gatton faculty who have received recognition and awards for outstanding teaching and research. 

Congratulations to the 2022 KyCPA Educational Foundation Scholarship recipients. These students met academic criteria set forth by KyCPA’s Educational Foundation Board of Trustees, which awards the nonprofit organization’s scholarships annually.