Gatton Honors and Awards

The Gatton College is proud of outstanding accomplishment of students, faculty and staff. Each year, the college honors excellence across Gatton with awards for academic and community accomplishments. Congratulations to all!

University Research Professor

The designation of University Research Professor is awarded to recognize and publicize research accomplishments of scholars across the full range of disciplines at UK.

Carlos Lamarche

Gatton Teaching Excellence Awards

This award is given to Gatton faculty members who inspire passion for their discipline, innovation in the classroom, and leadership to help students think critically and creatively about business problems.

Mark Liu
Teaching Excellence Award - Faculty
Leslie Vincent
Teaching Excellence Award - Faculty
Spencer Stone
Teaching Excellence Award - Graduate Student

Gatton Research Excellence Awards

These awards are part of the College’s broader strategic mandate on the Research Excellence Initiative, which is to influence the thinking of business leaders, policy-makers and scholars around the world by providing insight and analysis of key topics critical to the business, policy, and research communities.

Chris Clifford
Research Excellence Award - Research Productivity
Tyler Kleppe
Research Excellence Award - Junior Faculty
Ben Commerford
Research Excellence Initiative - Academic Impact
Dan Brass
Research Excellence Initiative - Managerial Impact
Steve Borgatti
Research Excellence Initiative - Societal Impact

Dean’s Award for Excellence

This award is presented to one senior from each of the Gatton College's five departments who excel in academics, campus involvement, leadership, financial responsibility, and interpersonal skills.

Julia Mansur Cardoso
Dean’s Award for Excellence - Economics
Xiomara Sukach
Dean’s Award for Excellence - Finance

Student Nominated Awards for Faculty / Staff

These individuals are recognized for going above and beyond in their service to the Gatton student body.


Ateba Whitaker
Student Nominated - Faculty Member of the Year
Shonta Phelps
Student Nominated - Staff Member of the Year

SGO Above and Beyond Award


David Hardesty
Michelle Lowe


Rena Keath
Leslie Vincent


Gail Hoyt


Christy Anderson
Allan Chen
Paul Childs
Nancy Johnson
Scott Kelley
Jennifer Siebenthaler


Tony Day
Jada Green
Nicole Thorne Jenkins

Haywood Staff Award

Upon her retirement after 37 years at the Gatton College, Judy Haywood established a gift known as the Judith Milburn Haywood Staff Award Endowment. This gift is an opportunity to recognize outstanding staff of the Gatton College.

Andie Savoree
Haywood Staff Award
Reva Schottenstein-Reed
Haywood Staff Award