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Message from the Dean, Simon Sheather

I am proud and honored to serve as dean at the Gatton College of Business and Economics, and energized by the remarkable momentum here at the Gatton College and the University of Kentucky.

It’s been exciting to learn about the intelligence and enthusiasm of our students, the outstanding quality of our faculty in their commitment to teaching and research, and the dedication of our staff. And thanks to the generosity of the college’s alumni and friends, the Gatton College is home to a nationally recognized top tier facility that has become a center for innovative learning for students across the university.

As a first-generation college graduate myself, I am passionate about access to a Gatton education for every qualified student. Our enrollment has grown more than 30 percent since 2012 and continues to climb, enhancing students’ opportunities to realize their professional aspirations, and nurturing a community of diverse learners, scholars, and alumni.

And it is critical that we use all means at our disposal to provide that access to deserving students across the Commonwealth, from online and distance learning, to increased scholarship funding, to internships and job placement that provide a true return on investment for our alumni.

This extends to support for international experiences, which are critical to preparing principled leaders for a global economy. The best way to acquaint students with our global business environment is to send them outside the U.S., whether it’s for two weeks, a semester or an entire year. We continue to build upon our existing collaborations with international partner schools and global businesses, providing our students opportunities not just to learn about other cultures, but to gain true work experience on a worldwide scale.

It’s impossible not to be optimistic about the future of our college. Changes happening now at the University of Kentucky, in higher education, and in the business world, make this the opportune time for Gatton to exceed its past achievements.

Through our teaching, research, and outreach, we are not only supporting economic growth, but also directly influencing the lives of Kentucky’s citizens and people around the globe. Together, our passion and ideas will move Gatton toward becoming a national leader in business education.

Simon Says

Gatton Administration

For inquiries, please contact the Dean's Executive Assistant:
Melissa Richards

John Peloza
Associate Dean for Research and International Programs and Carol Martin Gatton Professor

Paul Childs
Associate Dean for MBA and Online Programs


Scott Kelley
Executive Associate Dean, Simmons Endowed Professor

Alexis Allen

Alexis Allen
Acting Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Associate Professor

Christy Anderson
Chief Financial Officer

Nicole Cartier
Senior Director of Philanthropy and Alumni Relations


Tony Day
Facilities Planning Director

Melissa Huffman-Beaven
Business Intelligence and Process Specialist

Rena Keath
Director of College Enhancement

Michelle Lowe
Director of Marketing & Communications


Melissa Richards
Chief of Staff, Executive Assistant to the Dean

Matthew Cosgrove
Director of Technology