Marketing and Supply Chain News


Haoying Sun's publication titled "Supply Chain Planning: A Case for Hybrid Cross-Docks” won the 2022 Best Paper award at Omega: The International Journal of Management Science.

The holiday season is in full swing and with that comes the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in more shoppers tightening their budgets. Now, with inflation and supply chain challenges, many are left to wonder: will this trend continue?

Brian Murtha's paper, "Secondary Selling: Beyond the Salesperson-Customer Dyad," with Molly Burchett, Gatton Ph.D. alum and Ajay Kohli (Georgia Institute of Technology) has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Marketing.

The MS Supply Chain Management Program students complete industry projects course with corporate partners. 

Assistant Marketing Professor, Alexis Allen, along with researchers from the University of New Hampshire, Texas A&M, and FSU published a new paper in the JM that examines the effect among salespeople of three negative personality traits – Machiavellianism, narcissism, and psychopathy.

This event recognizes Gatton faculty who have received recognition and awards for outstanding teaching and research. 

A paper co-authored by Haipeng (Allan) Chen has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Consumer Psychology. The paper examines how consumers neglect the cumulative effect in processing sequential changes.

Researchers from the University of Kentucky's Gatton College of Business, University of Technology Sydney, and University of Illinois-Chicago published a new paper in the Journal of Marketing that examines the customer response and satisfaction implications of using AI agents versus human agents.

A paper co-authored by Allan Chen, Professor and Marketing Department Chair, has just been accepted for publication by Management Science. Sunk Cost Bias and Time Inconsistency: A Strategic Analysis of Pricing Decisions. 

In a recent WalletHub feature, Allan Chen, Gatton Endowed Chair in Marketing, offers money-saving advice and insight on factors that affect holiday spending. To help consumers avoid post-holiday regret, WalletHub also calculated the maximum holiday budget for each of 570 U.S. cities.