Ben Commerford's paper "Man versus Machine: Complex Estimates and Auditor Reliance on Artificial Intelligence," was accepted for publication in the Journal of Accounting Research. The paper is co-authored with Gatton Ph.D.

We examine how Chief Executive Officer (CEO) depression affects corporate investment decisions. We develop a novel measure to capture CEO depression...

Olivia N. Davis and Darshak Patel were honored with the 2021 University of Kentucky Outstanding Teaching Awards on September 30.

Ben Commerford, Arthur Andersen Associate Professor recently presented his paper, "'Alexa, audit loan grades!': Does humanizing artificial intelligence enhance auditor reliance?" at Colorado State University on September 10th. 

Aaron Roeschley’s paper titled “Do Managers Issue More Voluntary Disclosure When GAAP Limits Their Reporting Discretion in Financial Statements? was accepted for publication by the Journal of Accounting Research. 

A research study from a first-year summer project has evolved into a nationally recognized research paper for Evisa Bogdani, a Ph.D. candidate at the Von Allmen School of Accountancy.

The KyCPA Behind the Numbers hosted Kentucky’s first Black CPAs. Watch and learn about insights on barriers Black professionals face, the roles their organizations play in helping overcome those barriers and what the CPA profession can do collectively to progress in achieving diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Assistant Professor of Accounting Tyler Kleppe spoke at the Sustainable Finance Forum in Shanghai, China. 

Jeff Payne recently shared his expertise with The Wall Street Journal. 

Brian Bratten was invited to join the editorial board of Accounting Horizons.