Monika Causholli has been invited to serve on the Editorial Board of The Accounting Review beginning June 1, 2020.

Jenny (Wang) Ulla, PhD candidate, and Ben Commerford, Assistant Professor in the Von Allmen School of Accountancy, have been awarded an Access to Audit Personnel research grant from the Center for Audit Quality (CAQ) in Washington D. C. to study algorithms and their application in the auditing profession.

A group of over 20 people decided to create handmade masks for healthcare workers and people in the community. 

Vice Dean, Nicole Jenkins was interviewed by Wallet Hub and shares her expertise. "People often view personal loans as a way of getting out of debt or to get ahead. Personal loans are frequently taken out to consolidate debt – credit cards – or to fill a shortfall in income. However, covering/consolidating existing debt or filling an income shortfall without a robust plan to stop accumulating debt, cut expenses and/or increase income, with a personal loan may simply be delaying the inevitable financial crisis." 

Ph.D. candidate Evisa Bogdani presented her paper titled, “The Role of Assurance in Equity Crowdfunding” on January 18, 2020  at the Audit Midyear Meeting in Houston, Texas. Her research interests are in audit and financial accounting using archival methods. Specifically, she is interested in examining the role of assurance and disclosure’s features in emerging new financial markets such as equity crowdfunding. 

Gatton Professor Dan Stone's data visualization case (with Ann O'Brien of University of Wisconsin - Madison), titled, "Yes, You Can Import, Analyze, and Create Dashboards and Storyboards in Tableau!" has been accepted for publication at the American Accounting Association's Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting. Dr. Stone serves as the Director of the Minor in Business Analytics. He is an author of the corporate governance and information technology sections of Wiley CPAExcel.

University of Kentucky Masters of Accounting student, Brooklyn Heideman has passed the Tableau Desktop Specialist exam on her very first try. An interactive data visualization software company, Tableau Software recommends that those planning to take the exam have at least three months of experience working with Tableau, but Heideman did it in only 2 and a half weeks. 

Brian Bratten presented his paper titled, “The role of Passive Investment in the Quality of Stock Repurchase Activity” at the University of Missouri on February 14. The paper is co-authored with PhD candidate Meng Huang and Jeff Payne.

PhD candidate Jenny Wang presented her paper titled, “Man versus Machine: Complex Estimates and Auditor Reliance on Artificial Intelligence” at the Audit Mid-Year Meeting in Houston, Texas. This paper is co-authored with Benjamin Commerford, Sean Dennis (University of Central Florida), and Jennifer Joe (University of Delaware).

Brian Bratten has been invited to serve on the editorial board of Contemporary Accounting Research commencing in mid-April of 2020.