Business Analytics Lab (BA Lab)

The lab provides free tutoring and software support for students enrolled in Analytics courses and any student using Analytics software. Lab instructors, upperclassmen and graduate students, facilitate student learning, answer software related questions and provide guidance on analytical concepts. Specific support is provided for:

  • Analytics concepts taught in AN300, AN306, AN324, AN420G, AN450G and BE105
  • Analytics software, including Excel, Tableau, SQL, Python, Alteryx and JMP Pro

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All virtual tutoring sessions using Zoom will be recorded.

Fall 2021 Operating Hours

The lab will operate from August 23rd - December 10th both in-person and virtual.


4pm - 7pm

Zoom Link

B&E 260

Tuesday 5pm – 7pm Zoom Link

B&E 260

Wednesday 4pm – 7pm Zoom Link

B&E 260

Thursday 5pm – 7pm Zoom Link

B&E 260

Friday 10am – 1pm Zoom Link

B&E 260

You will be placed in a waiting room when you join the Zoom session. Be patient and a tutor will allow you to enter soon.

Closed for Academic Holidays or other UK official closure (e.g., weather related).

Know Before You Go

Students who wish to use the service must provide their UK Student ID in order to record attendance.

Please note that students are expected to put in a good faith effort, including attending class, before seeking support. Instructors do not complete assignments for students, but offer guidance to support student learning.

Contact Information

Manager, Business Analytics Lab: Sam Heshmati
Director, Business Analytics Minor: Dan Stone