Tyler Kleppe's paper, "PCAOB inspections, Knowledge Diffusion, and Corporate Tax Planning Effectiveness," was recently presented at the 32nd Annual Conference on Financial Economics and Accounting (CFEA). This year's CFEA was held in Atlanta, Georgia and hosted by Georgia State University.

Tyler Kleppe's paper, "Did the PCAOB’s 2009 Office Expansion Improve Audit Quality?," was accepted for publication in Contemporary Accounting Research.

The University of Kentucky's Von Allmen School of Accountancy Ph.D. program was well represented at the University of Illinois Audit Symposium with two papers from Nargess Golshan and Blake Holman. 

Ph.D. candidates, Sohee Kim and Blake Holman, along with Assistant Professor, Alex Johanns, present at 2022 ABO Research Conference. Read More!

Brian Bratten's paper titled "Filling in the GAAPs in Individual Analysts’ Street Earnings Forecasts" was accepted for publication at Management Science. The paper is co-authored with Stephannie Larocque and Teri Yohn. 

Duke Ferguson presented his paper, "Tax Enforcement and Foreign Investment by Multinational Corporations: Evidence from Tax Inspectors Without Borders" at the Waterloo Biennial Global Taxation Symposium on September 29, 2022.


Ben Commerford has been appointed to the Editorial Board of The Accounting Review. 

Tyler Kleppe's paper, “Retail shareholders and the efficacy of proxy voting: evidence from auditor ratification,” was accepted for publication in Review of Accounting Studies. The paper is co-authored with Cory Cassell and Jonathan Shipman, both from the University of Arkansas.

This paper presents one approach to integrating data analytics (DA) and visualization content and software into the accounting information systems (AIS) course. The proposed AIS course model—which includes core and support components—covers many topics in the proposed 2024 CPA Evolution Model curriculum.

David S. Hulse, Ph.D., to receive annual award for outstanding contribution to the Journal of Financial Planning.