Tyler Kleppe was recently featured on the Columbia Law School's blog. 

Cynthia Vines shared her recommendations for personal loans with WalletHub. 

Monika Causholli presented "Non-GAAP Earnings and Board Connectedness in a Multiplex Network" at Oklahoma State University.

Monika Causholli is now editor for Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory.  

"The Role of Assurance in Equity Crowdfunding" has been accepted for publication at The Accounting Review. 

Brian Bratten shared some of his recent research at Murray State University. 

Accounting, Organizations and Society will publish Monika Causholli and co-authors' paper, "The Ties that Bind: Knowledge-Seeking Networks and Auditor Job Performance."

On Jan. 23, 2021, Evisa Bogdani discussed the paper titled, “Does an Audit Office’s Quality Control System Impact Audit Quality? Evidence from Audit Report Errors” by Abbott, Blepp, Marquardt, and Merrell at the Financial Accounting and Reporting Section Virtual Midyear Meeting of the American Accounting Association. She also participated as a moderator at the FARS meeting.

Additionally, Bogdani attended and participated in the following events:

On Jan. 22, VASOA Ph.D. candidate Valbona Sulcaj presented the paper, “Litigation Risk, Financial Reporting Quality, and Critical Audit Matters in the Audit Report: Early U.S. Evidence” at the 2021 Financial Accounting and Reporting Section Meeting. The paper is part of her dissertation work under the guidance of Professors Brian Bratten, Monika Causholli (co-chair), Dave Ziebart (co-chair), and Joseph Waddington.

Tyler Kleppe recently received several paper acceptances into competitive, peer-reviewed academic conferences.