Student Success

BA Lab (Business Analytics Lab)

Operated by the Gatton College of Business & Economics, the Business Analytics lab provides free tutoring for students studying Analytics concepts and software.

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LEAP (Lab for Economics & Accounting Proficiency)

LEAP provides free tutoring services for students enrolled in ACC 201, ACC 202, ACC 301, ECO 201, ECO 202, and ECO 391 at the University of Kentucky. LEAP is operated by the Gatton College of Business & Economics.

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Finance Tutoring

The Gatton College of Business and Economics is offering tutoring for the FIN 300 course for the Spring 2020 semester. Learn More

The Study

The Study provides free tutoring services to students enrolled in various courses at the University of Kentucky. The Study is operated by UK's department of Transformative Learning.

The Study 

UK Office for Student Success

The Office for Student Success is situated strategically to provide both leadership and on-the-ground implementation of student success: guiding the institutional agenda and research regarding persistence and completion, including providing best practice on retention philosophy, tools, and issues; as well as establishing collaborative, practical solutions to enhance student success.

Office for Student Success

Academic Probation & Suspension

The College of Business and Economics is a selective admission college. We work hard to make sure all students achieve their dream of earning a degree from Gatton, therefore our college policy on academic probation is designed to identify and assist those students who are experiencing academic difficulty before the student reaches university probation.

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