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Upgrade your degree or your credentials in only 11 months by becoming a Certified Financial Planner.

The Online Certificate in Financial Planning is offered by the Von Allmen School of Accountancy and the Department of Finance and Quantitative Methods. The UK certificate is open for non-degree students, current UK undergraduate or graduate students from any major, current CPAs or other working professionals interested in pursuing financial planning as a career.

The U.S. Labor Department reports that jobs in financial planning are expected to grow faster than average, at a rate of 7% through 2028. Even better, Financial Advisor was ranked #6 in Best Business jobs by U.S. News and World Report in 2020.

Career Opportunities

Personal Financial Planner

Client Services Advisor

Wealth Management Advisor

Financial Analyst

Investment Manager

Portfolio Manager

CFP Board

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  • 100% Online
  • Six courses over 11 months
  • CFP board partner program
  • Available to all majors and professional backgrounds

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The Certificate of Financial Planning program is comprised of six online courses (18-credit hours). The only enrollment requirement is the completion of 60 undergraduate hours. Please note that courses in this program are offered on a rotating basis and may only be offered once a year. Students must be officially registered for the certificate in order to register for these courses; contact your academic advisor if you have questions about the process to add a certificate.

This course introduces the principles of financial planning from a professional perspective; applying basic financial, economic, and institutional concepts to advise individuals, families, and small businesses in achieving their financial goals. Tools and topics include financial analysis, budgeting, credit management, time value of money, investment strategies, income taxes, risk management, and retirement and estate planning. This class does not count as an accounting elective for the accounting major.

The course covers tax planning for the Personal Financial Planner. This course is targeted for Finance or Accounting majors as well as current CPAs interested in pursuing financial planning as a career but is open to anyone with an interest in a career in personal financial planning. This course is a starting point for understanding the tax issues facing a professional tax planner. This course cannot be counted as an accounting elective for an accounting degree. This course cannot be taken if the student has already taken ACC 407. ACC 407 will count towards the certificate in lieu of ACC 357.

The course discusses key topics in risk management and insurance, selecting the right retirement plan for the business and on individual retirement planning.

The course covers estate planning and taxation for the Personal Financial Planning professional. This course is targeted for Finance or Accounting majors as well as current CPAs interested in pursuing financial planning as a career but is open to anyone with an interest in a career in personal financial planning. This course is part of the sequence for the certificate in Personal Financial Planning.

This course covers various aspects of the principles of investments, securities markets, and their application to financial planning. It also prepares students to apply the concepts and principles through a financial calculator and Microsoft Excel.

This capstone course offers a comprehensive overview of the financial planning process, and an opportunity for the students to demonstrate the ability to integrate and apply his or her knowledge of financial planning topics through case analysis, understanding of ethics and professional conduct, and usage of a financial calculator, Microsoft Excel and/or other software.

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Annual Tuition (per credit hour) $607 $607
University Mandatory Fees (Estimate) $1,500 $1,500
Per Course Tuition (Executive Education) $895 $895

Per credit hour rates are based on the university’s Undergraduate Online Learning credit rate per hour.

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