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Undergraduate Resources

The Undergraduate Resource Center serves as a cross-functional team which compliments classroom learning and equips Gatton students with the necessary tools to succeed in their life and career endeavors. We encourage you to take advantage of the unique services and opportunities listed below.

Gatton College of Business and Economics Standards of Excellence

The Gatton College of Business fosters an environment of teaching, research, and outreach and embodies a spirit of honesty and trust that is necessary for a conducive learning environment. Gatton encompasses a set of key values shared among members of the college.

The core values underlying and reflected in the Gatton Standards of Excellence are:

  • Inclusion as demonstrated by developing and contributing to a community that encourages a sense of belonging for students of all backgrounds
  • Integrity as demonstrated by a commitment to academic honesty and by retaining a strong set of moral principles
  • Leadership as demonstrated by guiding and supporting each other in an encouraging manner
  • Professionalism in all settings as demonstrated by showing respect for others and representing the institution in the highest standard
  • Responsibility as demonstrated by consistently fulfilling obligations and maintaining accountability
  • Service as demonstrated by voluntarily helping and giving back to members of the community

These values are an expectation of all undergraduates students who are members of the Gatton College of Business and apply to all settings both in person and virtual. These Standards of Excellence define the expectations of conduct for undergraduate students in the Gatton College of Business.