David Sovich's paper, "Aversion to Student Debt? Evidence from Low-Wage Workers," has been accepted for publication in Journal of Finance.


Will Gerken's "The Value of Differing Points of View: Evidence from Financial Analysts’ Geographic Diversity," was just accepted in The Review Of Financial Studies. The paper is co-authored with Gatton Ph.D alum, Marc Painter.

This event recognizes Gatton faculty who have received recognition and awards for outstanding teaching and research. 

The University of Kentucky Board of Trustees approved 14 University Research Professorships for the 2022-23 academic year.

Congratulations to Dan Stone. His paper entitled, "Is Client-Specific Information Useful to Investors? Evidence from Key Audit Matter (KAM) Reports," with Dr. Yu-Tzu Chang (UK VASOA PhD graduate (2015), and Dr. Wuchun Chi has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance.

Wall Street Prep—the industry leader—has trained thousands of financial analysts at investment banks, private equity firms, investment funds, and Fortune 1000 companies.

Hosted by the Department of Finance, the Women in Finance Summit celebrated women who are currently in the finance field and rising professionals from the Gatton College. 

Will Gerken presented "Where is the Intersection of Madison Avenue and Wall Street? Advertisement, Local Access to Investment Advice, and Stock Market Participation" with Joe Farizo and Ge Wu "at FINRA's 2021 Access and Impact Conference: Gauging the Participation of Diverse Communities in the Capital Markets on Friday, Oct 22.

As a young girl, Kennedy Ekovich dreamed of working on Wall Street. The dream will soon come true for the senior finance major and business analytics minor at the University of Kentucky.

Chris Clifford, Chair, Department of Finance and Quant. Methods; Phillip Morris Associate Professor of Finance and Will Gerken, Real Estate Endowed Associate Professor of Finance published in The Journal of Finance: Property Rights to Client Relationships and Financial Advisor Incentives