Embarking upon a new year, with a multitude of challenges, the economic recovery continues globally and regionally, bringing a new year of recovery.

Economist Ken Troske is in the business of untangling complex webs of information — sometimes seemingly conflicting — and providing context while identifying prevailing trends.

An experiential learning opportunity for students to apply economic learnings in a real-world setting.

In this paper, Ana Maria along with her co-researchers investigate how tax news is received by the population relative to the state of the economy.  The paper was published in Economics Letters, Elsevier, vol. 207(C) and can be found here.

Sydney Daniels, a neuroscience and economics senior, is a winner of the Oswald student award for undergraduate research and creativity. Her award submission is a result of writing the paper as part of Jenny Minier's ECO 499 class.

Andres Mira, Ph.D. student in economics, won the “Mark Berger Best Paper Award” at the Annual Conference of the Kentucky Economic Association that occurred this month. The award goes to the best paper submitted to the conference. The paper is titled, “Estimating the Average treatment-on-the-treated effects of the DACA Program.”

Olivia N. Davis and Darshak Patel were honored with the 2021 University of Kentucky Outstanding Teaching Awards on September 30.

One of the foremost experts in the world on vaccine mandates is Emily Lawler. Emily is a 2012 B&E Econ alum, and 2018 Vanderbilt PhD. She is featured on the American Economic Association website owing to her expertise on vaccinations.

Research Associate Michael T. Childress and Associate Professor Michael W. Clark  join 43 other authors to develop a new book, “Communicating Science in Times of Crisis: COVID-19 Pandemic." It is a first volume in a new series about the study of science communication in times of crisis and features research and analysis from University of Kentucky faculty.  See WUKY story for more details.

Jim Ziliak, quoted in the The New York Times: Biden Administration Prompts Largest Permanent Increase in Food Stamps. Ziliak is the Department Chair; Gatton Endowed Chair in Microeconomics; University Research Professor and Director of the Center for Poverty Research.