Past Seminars and Workshops

Mark C. Berger Workshop Series
Date Presenter Title
Chris Bollinger University of Kentucky Topic TBD
Heitor Pellegrina University of Notre Dame Deforestation: A Global and Dynamic Perspective
Laura Taylor Georgia Institute of Technology Seasonal Airborne Exposures and Birth Outcomes: Evidence from Confined Animal Feeding Operations
David Kelly University of Miami Climate Gentrification
Eleanor Krause Harvard University Job loss, selective migration, and the accumulation of disadvantage: Evidence from Appalachia’s coal country
Chris Cronin University of Notre Dame The Anatomy of U.S. Sick Leave Schemes: Evidence from Public School Teachers
Chinhui Juhn University of Houston The Gender Gap in the Market for Superstars: Evidence from the NYT Best Sellers List
Marcella Alsan Harvard University Interest Groups, Ideology and Indirect Lobbying: The Rise of Private Health Insurance in the United States
Department Workshops
Date Presenter Title
Samuel Glick University of Kentucky Topic TBD
Brian Redding University of Kentucky Topic TBD
Fang-Yu (Elise) Yeh University of Kentucky Topic TBD
Marissa Hartsoe University of Kentucky Topic TBD
Linli Zhao University of Kentucky Topic TBD
Kyle Jones University of Kentucky Topic TBD
Georg Thunecke Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance Identifying Tax-Setting Responses from Local Fiscal Policy Programs
Luiz Lima University of Tennessee Quantile Forecasting with Textual Data
Justin Heflin University of Kentucky Are Red Flag Laws a green light to save lives?
Mark C. Berger Workshop Series
Date Presenter Title
January 20 Olga Malkova - University of Kentucky Maternity Benefits and Marital Stability after Birth: Evidence from the Soviet Baltic Republics
February 3 R. Anton Braun - Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Why Aging Induces Deflation and Secular Stagnation
February 10 Todd Clark - Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Constructing the Term Structure of Uncertainty from the Ragged Edge of SPF Forecasts
February 17 Augustine Denteh - Tulane University Who Increases Emergency Department Use? New Insights from the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment
February 24 Nathan Wozny - US Air Force Peer Effects and Academic Major: Evidence from USAFA
March 3 Joe Sabia - San Diego State University The Economics of Risky Behaviors
March 10 Joe Aldy - Harvard University Private Benefits from Public Investment in Climate Adaptation and Resilience
March 31 Stefania Garetto - Boston University On the Origins of the Multinational Premium
April 14 Tong Li - Vanderbilt University Efficacy of a Bidder Training Program in Procurement Auctions with Selection and Entry
April 21 Maria Fitzpatrick - Cornell University Do Humans Use New Information From Algorithms? A Randomized Controlled Trial Of The Availability Of Predictive Risk Model Information In Child Maltreatment Investigation Decisions
April 28 Joel Slemrod - University of Michigan External Validity in Empirical Public Finance
May 2 John Friedman - Brown University Topic TBD
Department Workshops
Date Presenter Title
March 27 Darby Todd (Virtual) and Elise Yeh - University of Kentucky Topic TBD
April 3 Kyle Jones and Jacob Applin - University of Kentucky Topic TBD
April 10 Marissa Hartsoe and Linli Zhao - University of Kentucky Topic TBD
April 17 Sam Glick and Brian Redding - University of Kentucky Topic TBD
Mark C. Berger Workshop Series
Date Presenter Title
September 2 Chris Bollinger - University of Kentucky "Income Source Confusion using the SILC” (joint with Iva Tasseva, LSE)
September 9 John Matsusaka - University of Southern California “Does proxy advice allow funds to cast informed votes?” (joint with Chong Shu)
September 16 Fran Murphy - US Army “Work Boots to Combat Boots: Mass Layoffs and Military Enlistment" joint with Dalton Ruh (Federal Reserve) and Sarah Turner (UVA)
September 23 Tim Schmidt-Eisenlohr - Federal Reserve Board Trade Credit and Markups
September 30 Georgia Kosmopoulou - University of Oklahoma “Subcontracting Networks, Competition and Firm Survival in Public Procurement” joint with Nancy Alexander, Lei He, and Xueqi Zhou
October 6 Chris Waller - Federal Reserve Board Topic TBD
October 14 Lucija Muehlenbachs - University of Calgary “Addressing Environmental Justice through In-Kind Court Settlements” joint with Pamela Campa (Stockholm School of Economics)
October 21 Stefan Staubli - University of Calgary "Multigenerational Child Penalties and Childcare Policies" joint with Sencer Karademir and Jean-William Laliberté
October 28
Maya Rossin-Slater - Stanford "Maternal and Infant Health Inequality: New Evidence from Linked Administrative Data"
October 31 Harry Paarsch - University of Central Florida Topic TBD
November 11 Ivan Canay - Northwestern On the Use of Outcome Tests for Detecting Bias in Decision Making
December 2 Rachel Landis - (RAND Corporation) Topic TBD
Department Workshops
Date Presenter Title
September 12 Nicholas Graff - University of Kentucky Topic TBD
October 3 Samuel Glick - University of Kentucky Topic TBD
November 7 Chase Coleman - University of Kentucky Topic TBD
November 14 Marissa Hartsoe - University of Kentucky Topic TBD
November 28 Brian Redding - University of Kentucky Topic TBD
Mark C. Berger Workshop Series
Date Presenter Title
January 21
Tim Harris - Illinois State Topic TBD
February 11 Kasey Buckles - Notre Dame Topic TBD
February 25
Georgia Kosmopoulou - University of Oklahoma Topic TBD
March 4 Marianne Page - UC Davis Topic TBD
March 11 Kathleen McKiernan - Vanderbilt Topic TBD
March 25 Jonathan Fisher - Stanford Topic TBD
April 1 David Neumark - UC-Irvine Topic TBD
April 8 Carolyn Heinrich - Vanderbilt Topic TBD
April 15 Johnny Ducking - North Carolina A & T State Topic TBD
April 22 Arik Levinson - Georgetown Topic TBD
April 29 Katheryn Russ - UC Davis Topic TBD
Department Workshops
Date Presenter Title
January 31 Carlos Lamarche - University of Kentucky Topic TBD
February 7 Caroline Weber - University of Kentucky Topic TBD
March 21 PhD Students - University of Kentucky Topic TBD
March 28 PhD Students - University of Kentucky Topic TBD
April 11 Ken Troske - University of Kentucky Topic TBD
Mark C. Berger Workshop Series
Date Presenter Title
September 10
Hilary Hoynes - Berkeley Legal Representation in Disability Claims
September 17
Aeimit Lakdawala - Wake Forest Monetary Policy and Firm Heterogeneity: The Role of Leverage Since the Financial Crisis
September 24
Michael Smart - University of Toronto VAT Compliance, Trade, and Institutions
October 1
Thomas Prusa - Rutgers The Impact of PTAs on the Duration of Antidumping Protection
October 8
Chloe Gibbs - University of Notre Dame Topic TBD
October 15
Mattie Toma - Harvard Topic TBD
November 5 Ina Ganguli - U M Amherst Topic TBD
December 10 Melanie Wallskog - Stanford Topic TBD
Department Workshops
Date Presenter Title
September 20
Hyein Kang - University of Kentucky The Child Tax Credit and Labor Market Outcomes of Mothers
September 27 Andres Mira - University of Kentucky Estimating the Average Treatment-on-the-Treated Effects of the DACA Program
October 4 Yaxiang Song - University of Kentucky Topic TBD
October 11 Ryan Hanson - University of Kentucky Topic TBD
November 15 Ben Rosa - University of Kentucky Topic TBD
Mark C. Berger Workshop Series
Date Presenter Title
January 29
Michael Devereux - Oxford Topic TBA
February 5
Thomas Crossley - European University Institute The Understanding Society Covid-19 Web Survey
February 12
Terra McKinnish - University of Colorado - Boulder Male Wage Inequality and Characteristics of “Early Mover” Marriages
February 26
Chang-Jin Kim - University of Washington Markov-Switching Models with Unknown Error Distributions: Identification and Inference within the Bayesian Framework
March 26
Keun Lee - Seoul National University Analyzing Technological Regimes of Key Technologies using US Patent Data
April 23
David Sovich - University of Kentucky Aversion to student debt? Evidence from low-wage workers
April 30
Jing Cynthia Wu - University of Notre Dame Topic TBA
Mark C. Berger Workshop Series
Date Presenter Title
September 11
Aaron Yelowitz - University of Kentucky Racial and Ethnic Disparities in COVID-19: Evidence from Six Large Cities
October 23
Caroline Weber - University of Kentucky Cannabis Tax Incidence
October 30
Bruce Weinberg - Ohio State University Topic TBA
November 13
Anna Aizer - Brown University Discrimination and Racial Disparities in Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from WWII
December 4
Steven Haider - Michigan State University The Evolution of the Wage Elasticity of Labor Supply over Time
December 11
Eric Zwick - University of Chicago Topic TBA
Department Workshops
Date Presenter Title
September 25
4th Year Graduate Students - University of Kentucky Job Talk
October 2
PhD Economics Graduate Students - University of Kentucky Topic TBA
October 9
PhD Economics Graduate Students - University of Kentucky Topic TBA
October 16
PhD Economics Graduate Students - University of Kentucky Topic TBA
Mark C. Berger Workshop Series
Date Presenter Title
January 18 (BE 199) Doug Miller (Cornell) "Dynamic Treatment Effects for Empirical Microeconomists: Local Projections and Quasi-Experimental Research Designs"
January 25 Topic TBA  
February 1 (BE 199) Jim Ziliak (UK) "The Antipoverty Impact of the EITC: New Estimates from Survey and Administrative Tax Records"
February 8 (BE 199)

Stephen Yeaple (Penn State, international economics)

"Too Much of a Good Thing? Labor Market Imperfections as a Source of Exceptional Exporter Performance"
February 15 (BE 199) John Zhu (Pennsylvania, finance) "Better Monitoring ... Worse Productivity?"
February 22 (11-12, joint with Martin School) (BE 165) Melinda Morrill (North Carolina State, labor/health economics) "The Attraction of Magnet Schools: Evidence from Embedded Lotteries in School Assignment"
March 1 (BE 199) Jae Won Lee (Virginia, macroeconomics and international economics) "Sectoral Price Facts in a Sticky-Price Model"
March 8 (BE 199) Spencer Banzhaf (Georgia State, environmental/urban economics) "Capitalization as a Two-Part Tariff: The Role of Zoning"
March 15 (BE 199) None - spring break  
March 22 (BE 199) Nathan Hendren (Harvard, public/labor economics) "The Welfare Impact of Government Policies"
March 29 (BE 199) Bhash Mazumder (Chicago Fed, labor/education/health economics) "Intergenerational Health Mobility in the US"
April 12 (4:30-6) (BE 199) Teaching conference featuring Josh Angrist (MIT) "Choice and Consequence: Assessing Mismatch at Chicago Exam Schools"

April 15 (Monday, noon-1:30) (BE 311)

Henrik Kleven (Princeton, public economics) "The EITC and the Extensive Margin: A Reappraisal"
April 19 (BE 199) Matt Harris (Tennessee, labor/health economics) "The Hazards of Unwinding the Prescription Opioid Epidemic: Implications for Child Maltreatment"
April 26 (Sponsored by UK Research Data Center) (BE 199) Richard Dunn (Connecticut, health/public/agricultural economics) "Establishment and Employment Dynamics in Agricultural Support Services"
Department Workshops
Date Presenter Title
February 4 (BE 311) Kathleen McKiernan (Vanderbilt) "Social Security Reform in the Presence of Informality"
February 25 (BE 311) Matt Wilson (Michigan) "Federalism, FIscal Savings, and Information Asymmetries"
March 11 None - spring break  
March 18 (9-12, BE 165) 4th year PhD student presentations

9:00: Samuel Ingram, "Occupational Licensing and the Earnings Premium in the United States: Updated Evidence from the Current Population Survey"

9:45: Xiaozhou Ding, "College Expansion and Internal Migration in China"

10:30: Yoonseon Han, "Determinants of Export Earnings Volatility"

11:15: Samuel Acheampong: "Consumption Risk Sharing in Europe: the Roles of Regional Integration and Globalization"

March 25 (9:45-12, BE 165) 4th year PhD student presentations

9:45: Lauren Dirago-Duncan, "Adolescent Peer Group and Labor Market Outcomes"

10:30: Sookti Chaudhary: "Impact of Foreign Competition on US Firms' Environmental Behavior"

11:15: Alex McGlothin: "Acquisitions of Craft Brewers: The Economic Consequences"

April 8 (BE 311) Teresa Waters (UK Health Management and Policy) "Intended and Unintended Consequences of Medicare Value-Based Purchasing Programs"
April 22 (BE 311) Thomas Ochuodho (UK Forestry and Natural Resources) "Computable General Equilibrium Modeling: A Versatile Tool for Policy Analysis"
April 29 (BE 399) Aaron Yelowitz (UK) "The Full Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Voter Turnout"
Mark C. Berger Workshop Series
Date Presenter Title
August 31 (BE 157) Charles Courtemanche (UK) "Walmart, Obama Care, and Working in an RDC"
September 7 (12:30 - 2:30 PM, BE 127) Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise Research Day  
September 14 (BE 311) Stephen Bonhomme (Chicago) "Minimizing Sensitivity to Model Misspecification"
September 21 (BE 311) Wolfgang Keller (Colorado) "Globalization, Gender, and the Family"
September 28 (3:00 - 4:15, BE 311) Dhammika Dharmapala – (University of Chicago) (joint with Martin School)  
October 5 (BE 311) Steve Lugauer (Kentucky) "Demographics and Monetary Policy Shocks"
October 12 2018 KEA Conference  
October 26 (BE 311) Christopher Biolsi (Western Kentucky) "Fiscal Sustainability under a Time-Varying Fiscal Reaction Rule: A State Space Approach"
November 2 (11:00-12:00; BE 230) Ian Walker (Lancaster) "The Causal Effects of School Bullying Victimisation as an Adolescent on Later Life Outcomes"
November 9 (BE 191) Trudy Cameron (Oregon)

"Determinants of Willingness-to-Pay For Internal Carbon Pricing Programs"

November 16 Note: 2018 SEA conference (Nov 18-20)  
November 23 Thanksgiving Break  
November 30 (BE 199) Rajeev Darolia (Kentucky Martin School) "Returns to a Prison GED"
Dec 6 (Thursday 3:30-5:00 PM, BE 383) Amalia Miller (Virginia) "Elite Schools and Opting-In: Effects of College Selectivity on Career and Family Outcomes"
Department Workshops
Date Presenter Title
August 27 Amanda McCullogh (UK) “Candy Crushed-Grain Saga: Responses to Tax Notches in the Confections Market”
September 3 Labor Day  
September 10 (BE 299) Cody Vaughn (UK) "Long-Run Impacts of Welfare Reform on Educational Attainment and Family Structure"
September 17 (BE 299) Matt Schendstok (UK) "Roads to Equality"
September 24 (BE 265) Kara Shah Riesing (UK) "Effects of Tornadoes on Local Labor Markets"
October 1 (BE 265) Kevin Allen (UK) "Trade Exposure and the Impact of Economic Sanctions on Civil Liberties"
October 8 (BE 265) Katie Toran (UK) "Does Medicare Part D Extend Lives?"
October 15 (BE 265) Andrew Jonellis (UK) "Legislatures and Growth"
October 22 (BE 265) Guowen Chen (UK) "Policy and MIsallocation"
October 29 (BE 265) Zheng Yang (UK) "Pricing the Razor: Evidence on Two-Part Tariffs"
November 12 (BE 265) Olga Malkova (UK) "Hope for the Family: The Effects of Merit Aid Programs on Parental Labor Supply"
November 19 (BE 265) SEA Conference  
November 26 (BE 265) Max Dvorkin (St. Louis Fed)  
Mark C. Berger Workshop Series
Date Presenter Title
February 16 Sebastian Kessing "Corporate Tax Pass-Through to Consumer Prices - Micro Evidence from Germany"
February 23-24 UK Cleveland Federal Reserve Workshop on the Economics of Education, Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank, Cleveland, OH For more information about the conference and to register see Workshop (register by February 22nd)
March 2 David Blau (Ohio State) "Is Family Structure "Transmitted" across Generations?"
March 7 (Wed) BE 235 1-2:30 pm Mazhar Waseem (Manchester) "Information, Asymmetric Incentives, or Withholding? Understanding the Self-Enforcement of Value-Added Tax"
March 9 Xu Lin (Virginia Tech) "Social Interaction and Social Preferences in Social Networks"

March 21 (Wed) 1:30 - 3:00 PM

BE 311

Stefania Albanesi (Pittsburgh) "Credit Growth and the Financial Crisis: A New Narrative"
March 30 Juan Carlos Cordoba (Iowa State) "Accounting for the International Quantity-Quality Tradeoff"
April 6 Nick Kuminoff (Arizona State) "Hazed and Confused: Air Pollution, Dementia, and Financial Decision Making"
April 13 William Lastrapes (Georgia) "On the Welfare Effects of Phasing Our Paper Currency"
April 20 (Kincaid Auditorium) Justin Wolfers (Michigan) "Economics and Happiness: New Data and New Findings"
April 27 BE 265 10-11:15 am Session 1: Rodrigo Adao (Chicago) "Spatial Linkages, Global Shocks and Local Labor Markets: Theory and Evidence"
April 27 BE 265 11:30-12:45 am Session 2: Felipe Benguria (Kentucky) "Labor Markets and the Transmission of Commodity Price Super-Cycles"
April 27 BE 199 2-3:15 am Session 3: Kerem Cosar (Virginia) "Shipping Inside the Box: Containerization and Trade"
April 27 BE 199 3:30-4:45 am Session 3: Carl Davidson (Michigan State) "Globalization and the Jobs Ladder"
Department Workshops
Date Presenter Title
February 26 Weihua Zhou (Louisville) "Do HOV Lanes Save Energy? Evidence from a General Equilibrium Model of the City"
March 5 Amanda Michaud (Indiana) The Disability Option: Labor Market Dynamics with Macroeconomic and Health Risks
March 12 Spring Break  
March 19 Andrew Goodman Bacon (Vanderbilt) Differences-in-Differences with Variation in Treatment Timing
March 26 Maria Padilla-Romo (Tennessee) The Effects of Children's Time in School on Mother's Labor Supply: Evidence from Mexico's Full-Time Schools Program
April 2 Scott Holladay (Tennessee) Search and Purchase Behavior for Energy-Efficient Durable Goods
April 9 4th Year Presentations See schedule
April 16 4th Year Presentations See schedule
April 23 Michele Marcus (Vanderbilt) "Testing the Water: Drinking water quality, public notification and school absences"
May 14 BE 230 Yuqing Zheng (Kentucky) "Quantifying Grocery Tax Impacts using Scanner Data: Evidence from Natural Experiments"
Martin School Seminar Schedule
Date Presenter Title
February 16 Jennifer Bird-Pollan (University of Kentucky, Law School) "The Sovereign Right to Tax: How Bilateral Investment Treaties Threaten Sovereignty"
February 23    
March 2 Andrew Haughwout (New York Federal Reserve Bank, Economic Research)  
March 9 Mirya Holman (Tulane University, Dep. of Political Science)  
March 16 Spring Break  
March 23 Raj Darolia (University of Kentucky, Martin School)  
March 30 Susanna Loeb (Stanford University, Dep. of Education)  
April 6 Dan Black (University of Chicago, Harris School of Public Policy)  
April 13 Ron Zimmer (University of Kentucky, Martin School)  
April 20 Capstone Week  
April 27 Brian Jacob (University of Michigan, Gerald Ford School of Public Policy)  
Mark C. Berger Workshop Series
Date Presenter Title

August 25

12-1:00 pm in BE 230

Erin Troland (Treasury Department) Before the War on Poverty: The Impact of Union Health Programs in Appalachia
September 1 Anthony Creane (Kentucky) Shipping the good apples under strategic competition
September 15 Kamal Saggi (Vanderbilt) International Effects of National Regulations: External Reference Pricing and Price Controls
September 22 Christian Vossler (Tennessee) Alternative Value Elicitation Formats in Contingent Valuation: A New Hope

September 29

1-2:30 pm in BE 311

Brian Knight (Brown) The Out-of-State Tuition Distortion
October 6 TBA  
October 13 Elena Irwin (Ohio State) "The Expanding Ethanol Market and Farmland Values: Identifying the Changing Influence of Proximity to Agricultural Market Channels"
October 20 2017 KEA Conference  
October 27 TBA  
November 3 Gatton College Workshop  
November 10 Bill Hoyt (Kentucky) Migration, Differential Mobility and the Choice of a Tax Base
November 17 2017 SEA Conference  
December 1 TBA


Dec 5 (Tuesday)

3:30-5:00 in BE 127

Jean-Marc Robin (Sciences Po) On Worker and Firm Heterogeneity in Wages and Employment Mobility
Department Workshops
Date Presenter Title
September 4 Labor Day  
September 11 Rob Perez (Kentucky) Homeownership Effects of Eminent Domain Legislation Following The Kelo Supreme Court Ruling
September 18 Tim Bianco (Kentucky) Monetary Policy and Credit Flows
September 25 Nick Moellman (Kentucky) Healthcare and Hunger: Impacts of the Affordable Care Act on Food Insecurity in America
October 2 Gray Forlines (Kentucky) Trends and Drivers of Physician-Hospital Integration: The Role of Medicare Reimbursement
October 9 Chenxu Hu (Kentucky) Effects of Cohort Size on College Premiums: Evidence from China Higher Education Expansion
October 16 Ben Wallace (Kentucky) Nonlinear Pricing: Evidence of Price Discrimination in the Fluid Milk Market
October 23 Felipe Benguria (Kentucky) Commodity Shocks, Firm-Level Responses and Labor Market Dynamics
October 30 TBA  
November 6 David Agrawal (Kentucky) Taxation and Industry Dynamics: Evidence from the Airline Industry
November 13 Lala Ma (Kentucky) Does Shale Gas Impact Infant Health through Drinking Water?
November 20 Kimberly Berg (Miami University)

"Where's the Risk? The Forward Premium Bias, the Carry-Trade Premium, and Risk Reversals in General Equilibrium"

November 27 Emily Lawler (Vanderbilt) Direct and Spillover Effects of Middle School Vaccination Requirements

Nov 30 (Thursday)

12:00-1:00 in BE 435UV

Ike Brannon (Cato) Fixing the Organ Donation Market
Mark C. Berger Workshop Series
Date Presenter Title
February 10 Melissa Kearney (Maryland)

“Male Earnings, Marriageable Men, and Non-Marital Fertility: Evidence from the Fracking Boom.”

February 24 & 25 Cleveland Federal Reserve / UK Joint Workshop TBA
March 3 TBA TBA
March 10 Nathan Miller (Georgetown) "Finding Mr. Schumpeter: An Empirical Study of Competition and Technology Adoption"
March 24 Dennis Yang (Virginia)

“Offshoring and Wage Inequality: Theory and Evidence from China”

April 14 John Morgan (UC-Berkeley) "Persuasion"
April 21 Katherine Erickson (UC-Davis) "Death in the Promised Land: The Great Migration and Black Infant Mortality"
April 28 Nuno Limao (Maryland) TBA
May 5 Dan Phaneuf (Wisconsin-Madison) TBA
Department Workshops
Date Presenter Title
February 13 Drew Hanks (Ohio State) "From Paper to Plastic: Understanding the Impact of EBT on WIC Recipient Behavior”
March 20 Trevor Gallen (Purdue) TBA
Wednesday, March 29 4th Year Graduate Student Presentations See schedule
April 3 Ian Schmutte (Georgia) TBA
Wednesday, April 5 4th Year Graduate Student Presentations See schedule
April 10 Chad Curtis (Richmond) TBA
April 17 Mostafa Beshkar (Indiana) "Interdependence of Trade Policies in General Equilibrium"
April 24 Breno Braga (Urban Institute TBA
Mark C. Berger Workshop Series
Date Presenter Title
September 9 Nicolas Ziebarth (Cornell University)

"The Pros and Cons of Sick Pay Schemes: Testing for Contagious Presenteeism and Noncontagious Absenteeism Behavior"

September 16 (1:00 PM, Gatton 311) Yoto Yotov (Drexel University) "Growth and Trade with Frictions: A Structural Estimation Framework"
September 23 Sílvia Gonçalves (University of Western Ontario) "Bootstrapping factor models with cross sectional dependence''
September 30 Daniel McMillen (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) "House Prices and School Choice: Evidence from Chicago's Magnet Schools Proximity Lottery"
October 7 Bruce Fallick (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland) “Spatial Correlation in Panel Regression: An Application to Demographic Adjustment”
October 14 Open TBA
October 21 2016 Kentucky Economics Association (KEA) @ Gatton College of Business and Economics TBA
October 28 (1:00 - 2:30 PM, Gatton 171) Sam Bucovetsky (York University) "Tax Competition for Headquarters"
November 4 (3:00 PM, Kincaid Auditorium) College Workshop (David Hardesty, Marketing) "Experimental Research in Gatton"
November 9 (1:30 - 3:00 PM, BE 235) Robert Tamara (Clemson)

"Results from Dynamic Models of Fertility and Schooling: Evidence on Black - White Differences, and Cross Country Differences"

(Relevant Papers: “Black and White Fertility, Differential Baby Booms: The Value of Equal Education Opportunity”; “Secular Fertility Declines, Baby Booms, and Economic Growth: International Evidence” ; “Economic Growth in the Long Run” ; Data Appendix for Economic Growth in the Long Run)

November 11 Margaret Walls (Resources for the Future) “Can Providing Information Shrink the Energy Efficiency Gap? An Evaluation of City Benchmarking and Disclosure Laws for Commercial Buildings”
November 18 (Note: SEA Nov 19-21) TBA
November 25 Thanksgiving Break TBA
December 2 Maggie Jones (U.S. Census Bureau) "Adding Insult to Injury: Racial Disparity in an Era of Increasing Income Inequality"

December 9

(1:30 PM, BE 127)

Keith Head (University of British Columbia) "Brands in motion: How frictions shape multinational production"
Department Workshops
Date Presenter Title
August 29 Tiim Harris (University of Kentucky) "Life Insurance Death Spiral? Analyzing Adverse Selection in the Group Market"
September 7 (Wednesday) Anna Maximova (University of Kentucky) "The Differential Effect of Immigrants and Refugees on Trade with their Home Countries”
September 8 (Thursday, BE 223J Amanda Ross (University of Alabama) "The Impact of the Cost of Car Ownership on the Housing Price Gradient in Singapore"
September 12 Carlos Lamarche (University of Kentucky)

“A Panel Quantile Approach to Attrition Bias in Big Data: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment”

September 29 Hao Guo (University of Kentucky)

“External Integration, Internal Liberalization, and the Coastal Agglomeration”

September 26 Robert Hartley (University of Kentucky) "Welfare Reform and the Intergenerational Transmission of Dependence"
October 3 Carla Nietfeld (University of Kentucky) "Do Educational Investments affect Aggregate Earnings and Employment?"
October 10 Steven Gordon (University of Kentucky) “The Impact of the Earmark Ban on the Distribution of Federal Funds”
October 17 Daniel Duncan (University of Kentucky) TBA
October 24 Gray Hunter (University of Kentucky) "An Examination of the Relationship between Student Expectations and College Attainment"
October 31 Felipe Benguria (University of Kentucky) Decomposing the Effects of Trade on the Gender Wage Gap"
November 7 Joel Rodrigue (Vanderbilt University) "Price and Quality Dynamics in Export Markets"
November 14 Tim Bond (Purdue University) “Prejudice and Racial Matches in Employment"
November 21 Southern Economics Association Meetings TBA
November 28 Aaron Yelowitz (University of Kentucky) "Does Medicaid Fraud Control Reduce Medicaid Spending?"
December 5 Laura Bakkensen (University of Arizona) >"Learning from Public Information Under Conflicting
Signals: Evidence from U.S. Tornadoes"