Goal 2

Enhance the research profile of the College

Tactic/Activity KPI
Attract, support, and retain scholars who produce rigorous, influential, and impactful research, including tenured faculty, visiting professors, postdocs, and advanced doctoral students. Number of citations
Impact factor
Faculty headcount by department
Number of publications in premier journals
Number of visiting scholars
Faculty integrate relevant research insights into the classroom. Increased number of top research publications and associated national visibility
Number of course topics directly tied to faculty research
Add research-related questions to student teacher course evaluations
Increase number of credit-hours / courses taught by research-active faculty
Add research opportunities and funding for undergraduate / professional masters students and post-docs. Number of students engaged in research
Number of new research courses and tracks
Increase in doctoral student funding
Tactic/Activity KPI
Highlight the importance of impactful faculty research and academic excellence in programs and activities involving students, parents, employers, alumni, peer / aspirational institutions, and Kentucky's business community. Each department present research (3-4 minutes videos) to Graham Center staff, recruiting, public relations, etc.
Number of research-related promotional videos, newsletters, presentations, employer-faculty gatherings, etc.
Measure search engine optimization and Website engagement.
Faculty will engage more frequently with College stakeholders including alumni, employers and members of the community. Increase in faculty appearances / involvement in stakeholder events
Tactic/Activity KPI
Create more opportunities for faculty to share research interests / expertise both within and among departments. New shared research series, for example, “Faculty research interviews” (e.g. mgt. professor interviews accounting professor about her research)
Highlight research by increasing its visibility on multiple communication channels on campus. Estimated users reached
# of QR codes scanned, etc.
# of digital posters on Gatton TV monitors
# of media hits directly related to identity, inclusion, and equity issues