Gatton Pre-Major GPA Calculator

The below calculator is to assist you in determining your Gatton Pre-Major GPA. A 2.8 GPA is required in the pre-major courses to advance into Upper-Division status as a Gatton major.

To determine your pre-major GPA, please enter the grade you received in each of the courses listed. If you took a course in Spring 2020 pass/fail, you may enter P for a passing grade. If you have not taken all the pre-major courses you can leave those courses blank and the calculator will determine what your pre-major is with the courses you have taken.

You can use this calculator to estimate what your pre-major will be. For example, if you have taken all the courses below except B&E 105 and ACC 202, you can enter an “estimated” grade for these two courses in the appropriate field to determine what your final pre-major GPA will be.

If you took one of the pre-major courses at another institution, please enter that grade in the appropriate field. Gatton will use the grade you received at another institution to determine your final pre-major GPA.

Enter the grades for your courses below

Comp & Comm I & II (CIS/WRD 110 & 111 or 112)



Mathematical, Logical, & Statistical Foundations (MA 123 & 162 or MA 113)



Accounting 201 & 202

Economics 201 & 202

B&E 105

Current pre-major GPA