MBA Programs

Find yourself in the UK MBA.

The University of Kentucky MBA is not your typical MBA. More than just a business education degree, our MBA is a redefining business experience geared to help candidates accelerate their career advancement, be more professionally nimble or further explore their entrepreneurship endeavors. We offer a suite of competitive, nationally ranked MBA programs designed to give candidates a broader understanding of business strategies and insights through engaging real-world experiences, projects and meaningful application. We want to prepare our graduates to be globally engaged professionals and servant leaders in their respective communities. Read more about our commitment to diversity, campus culture and success stories.

One Year MBA

The One Year MBA is a full-time option designed for young professionals, recent graduates and emerging leaders across all academic backgrounds. At 51-credit hours, the One Year MBA is shorter and more immersive experience than those found at other colleges and universities. Through the cross-disciplinary curriculum and broad choice of different electives, team competitions, group projects, professional certifications, workshops, networking events, entrepreneurship concentration option and the built-in group internship experienced called Project Connect; our students get the versatility to explore a myriad of careers.

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Professional MBA

The Professional MBA is a part-time, evening program positioned for full-time working professionals in Kentucky and beyond. At 36-credit hours, the Professional MBA program allows candidates to engage with other local, regional and national business leaders representing different companies, industries and sectors. This program also includes a healthcare track which is tailored for healthcare professionals. Both the Professional MBA and the Professional MBA (For Leaders in Healthcare) also offers a Real-Time, Online MBA option giving candidates the ability to access the program 100% online, in the classroom or a combination of both.

Professional MBA For Leaders in Healthcare MBA Real-Time, Online MBA

Professional MBA (For Leaders in Healthcare)

The Professional MBA (For Leaders in Healthcare) is a part-time, evening program tailored for current healthcare professionals in Kentucky (and beyond) such as physicians, residents, nurses, pharmacists, administrators and military who are seeking the business knowledge to meet today's healthcare management challenges. Graduates and alumni can pursue various managerial, technical and leadership roles inside or outside of healthcare. The Professional MBA (For Leaders in Healthcare) also offers a Real-Time, Online MBA option giving candidates the ability to access the program 100% online, in the classroom or a combination of both.

Professional MBA (For Leaders in Healthcare) Real-Time, Online MBA 

Real-Time, Online MBA

Gatton's new Real-Time, Online MBA option gives candidates enrolled in the Professional MBA, Professional MBA (For Leaders in Healthcare) and applicable dual degree programs the opportunity to engage 100% online from any location. Our technology delivers a live, virtual classroom environment whereby students can learn, connect and participate with their faculty, classmates and project teams online in real-time. The Real-Time, Online program helps our students interact and receive the flexibility, support, collaboration and convenience needed along the way for a quality online MBA experience.

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Executive MBA

The University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville have partnered to create an Executive MBA program. With the world-class expertise of Kentucky's two leading business schools, students can take advantage of a larger Alumni base, faculty expertise and campus resources to help them assume strategic leadership roles within their organization.

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Dual Degree MBA Programs

The Gatton College of Business and Economics has partnered with the Colleges of Arts & Sciences, Engineering, Law, Medicine and Pharmacy at the University of Kentucky to offer competitive dual degree programs which offer highly specialized, niche employment opportunities for our graduates.