Graduate Certificate in Accounting Analytics

The University of Kentucky's Graduate Certificate in Accounting Analytics is a 9-credit hour program designed to provide accounting students and professionals with a strong foundation in the theory and application of analytics. This provides the strategic development of necessary knowledge and skills to facilitate personal and professional growth.

Students completing this certificate will gain the conceptual knowledge needed to navigate the intricacies of data acquisition, storage, and control. Additionally, you will master the use of analytical tools and models, enabling you to effectively investigate complex accounting issues with the help of cutting-edge software. The certificate includes three core areas: data visualization, data management, and analytical modeling.

Career Opportunities

Data Analyst

Visualization Specialist

Financial Analysts

Business Intelligence


  • Individualized faculty attention
  • Courses taught by top ranked research faculty and industry experts
  • Self-paced, but structured to ensure successful completion.

The Graduate Certificate in Accounting Analytics program is comprised of 3 course classes: data visualization, data management and analytical modeling. Pre-requisites include

  • Six hours of accounting, introductory statistics, introductory analytics, or the consent of the program director

This course provides an introduction to, and hands-on experience with, accounting data management, accounting analytics, and visualizing accounting data. By learning both practical software tools and the core principles of data management and data visualization, you'll be prepared to leverage accounting data to provide insights into important accounting, auditing, and taxation problems.

This course introduces data management and mining concepts and practices. relational databases, structured query language (SQL), and data analytics tools incorporated to introduce data structure, database design, data queries and data manipulation.

This course is an introduction to the use of analytical modeling for supporting decision making in accounting, taxation, and auditing. It explores the use of analytical models and technologies including data mining and descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive modeling. Projects and cases will use software to explore accounting applications of confidence intervals and effect sizes, linear and logistic regression, association models and cluster analysis, text mining, time series analysis and forecasting, classification and regression trees, and, model selection and evaluation.

  Resident Non-resident
Tuition (per credit hour) $886 $1,192.50
University Mandatory Fees (per credit hour) $62 $62
Total (per credit hour) $948 $1,254.50

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Application Deadlines

Domestic Students
Fall semester: July 26th
Spring semester: December 10th

International Students
Fall semester: April 15th
Spring semester: September 15th

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