How to Get Started

Be sure to plan early for your summer, semester, or year abroad. It's important to discuss your education abroad goals with your academic advisor so that you can fit it into your academic program. Unfortunately, too many students express regret that they don't have time to go abroad because they did not plan ahead. Studying abroad should NOT delay your graduation! To help you find a program that offers courses that fit with your major or minor, please review the Gatton major advising pages (MAPS).

Please note: Although there are hundreds of education abroad programs to choose from, the Gatton exchange programs are competitive and limited in space. As a general rule, Gatton students must have a 3.0 GPA to be considered for a Gatton exchange program. (Other education abroad programs have more flexible GPA requirements.) Students should begin researching the Gatton exchange application process at least a year in advance so they can consider one of the many alternative programs if necessary.

The First Step

One of the first steps to learning about education abroad opportunities is to attend an information session facilitated by professional Education Abroad advisors and students who have studied abroad:

"First Step Sessions" are provided by The UK International Center Office of Education Abroad in 207 Bradley Hall.

Major Advising Pages (MAPs)

The UK Education Abroad Office and Gatton College have collaborated to design major and minor specific "maps" designed to help you identify strong education abroad programs that work well with your area of study and allow you to stay on track to graduate in a timely fashion. You can find links to these here.

Education Abroad Application

All students planning to study abroad must complete an Education Abroad application. To do this, you must first select the program that you wish to apply for. (Note: You may only apply for one program each term.) Once you have selected your program, you will click the "Apply Now" button at the top of the page. By clicking the "Apply Now" button, you will be starting the UK Education Abroad application. If you feel the need to change your program, you may contact the Education Abroad Office and they can change your application. A non-refundable application fee of $50 will be charged at the end of the month in which you apply. If you have questions about which fees you are responsible for or billing timelines, please check the "Program Cost and Budget" link for your program page or contact your Education Abroad Advisor. Pay special attention to the application deadlines and fees as these will change depending on which program you select.

If Gatton students are applying for a Gatton exchange program, they are asked to discuss the application process with the Director of Gatton Global Initiatives, located in the Undergraduate Resource Center in 144 Gatton.

Students participating in a Gatton exchange program will work closely with an Education Abroad Advisor to complete the necessary paperwork for their program of choice and to review the courses they will take while abroad. Please start the process by attending a First Step Session and meeting with an Education Abroad Advisor in Bradley Hall.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

One of the biggest misconceptions about education abroad is that it is too expensive. This just is not true. If you can afford to study at UK, you can afford to study abroad. And The UK International Center is committed to making education abroad opportunities accessible to all students.

Students are strongly encouraged to explore all possible scholarship and financial aid options.