Dan Halgin has received the 2019 Honors Pathways Faculty of Excellence Award, given by students in the Social Enterprise and Global Scholars Honors programs.

On March 8, Ji Youn (Rose) Kim presented her paper, "The influence of Venture Capital Syndicate Size on Venture Performance" as a guest speaker for Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Speaker Series at the University of Connecticut.

The Department of Management hosted the 2019 Mid-South Management Research Consortium, organized by Wally Ferrier and Joe Labianca, February 22-24, at the Gatton College. Albert Cannella, Texas A&M University, presented the keynote address, "Strategic Leadership Research in the Digital Age".

University of Kentucky presenters included:

Joyti Gupta, "Celebrity CEO: A Network Perspective"

Jason Ross, "Toward a Theory of Dormant Ties"

As part of the LINKS Center Distinguished Scholar lecture series, Michael Jensen, University of Michigan, presented his research, "The Paradox of Awards: How Status Ripples Affect Who Benefits From CEO Awards", on February 22. 

Dan Brass and Steve Borgatti's research, Brass, D. J. & Borgatti, S.P. (2018). "Multilevel thoughts on social networks," has been published in J. M. LeBurton & S. Humphrey (Eds.), The Handbook for Multilevel Theory, Measurement, and Analysis, 187-200. Washington DC, American Psychological Association. 

Scott Soltis and Dan Brass' research (Soltis, S. M., Brass, D. J. & Lepak, D. M.), "Social Resource Management: An Integration of Social Networks and Human Resource Management", has been published in Academy of Management Annuals.

Several Management faculty members presented their research at the Southern Management Association Meetings held in Lexington on November 6-10. Huiwen Lian presented "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: When and Why Supervisor Directed Citizenship Behaviors Lead to Abusive Supervison" with Ji Li (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Dan Brass, Flora Chiang (China Europe International business School), and Thomas Birtch (University of South Australia). 

Ajay Mehra presented his research, "Network Structure of Leadership and Team Creativity: Evidence from NYC Jazz Bands, Circa. 2007-2010" (with Floor van der Born and Martin Kilduff) at INSEAD's Network Evolution Conference in Fontainebleau, France.

Dan Brass's chapter, "A social network perspective on organizational citizenship behavior" has been published in P. M. Podsakoff, S. B. MacKenzie & N. P. Podsakoff (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Organizational Citizenship Behavior, 317-330, Oxford University Press.

Wally Ferrier's research, “Organizational Speed as a Dynamic Capability: Toward a Holistic Perspective," with Margaret Hughes-Morgan and Kalin Kolev (Marquette University) and Bernadine Dykes (Shenandoah University) has been accepted for publication at Strategic Organization.