Digital Signage Policy

The Digital Signage program in the Gatton College of Business and Economics is an informational platform aimed at communicating the Gatton College Mission and Values.
The primary audience for the Digital Signage platform is:

  • Current students, faculty, and staff
  • All visitors to the Gatton College

Responsibility for the welcome screens and lobby digital signage program is shared between Gatton College Marketing and Communications (MarCom), who oversees the content, and Gatton IT, who manages the equipment installation, technical infrastructure and software.

The types of signage will include:
Welcome signs – Signage to greet special guests, such as corporate partners and guest speakers approved by the Office of the Dean. 
College-Wide Events – Events sponsored by a Gatton College department that are open to the public or school-wide that illustrate the Gatton College Mission and Values.
Announcements – An announcement is for things to announce, and for events that happen multiple times in a short span (2-3 weeks). Examples include workshops, recurring meetings or other announcements without a beginning and ending time.

With the exception of Welcome Signs, content that is directed only toward small target groups will not be posted.

Content from those not affiliated with the Gatton College of Business and Economics will be reviewed for approval.

Content that violates University of Kentucky policies, is incomplete, violates community standards, or contains false advertising will be rejected.

All announcements/news for consideration to be shown on the video monitors throughout the Gatton College of Business and Economics building should be submitted through a Marketing and Communications request form at least three business days before it should run. The maximum time limit for posting is three weeks prior to the event.

Gatton College faculty and staff may submit requests using the Marketing and Communications Request Form. The graphics must be exactly 1920 x 1080 pixels in size and .jpg in format. Please provide all information including the start date, end date, and graphics when completing your request. Incomplete or improperly formatted submissions will be returned.


Each advertisement has a short time frame to tell a story, due to the rotating nature of digital signage, so well- designed concise messages are critical.The Gatton College digital signage template is set for events and announcements, and is text based.

  • To expedite the posting of your advertisement, be sure your IMAGE meets the following specs: 1920 x 1080 pixels (16:9 ratio)
  • If your event includes a guest speaker, a head shot of the speaker may be included.
  • Include a clear headline. Advertising is more effective with less content; critical information includes the name, date, time, and location of event, plus a short description and name of the sponsoring department or group. 
  • Include a website, telephone number, QR code or email with contact name or Office.
  • Use copyrighted materials only with permission.

Email with questions concerning the digital signs.

Where will my digital sign appear?
Different locations of Gatton digital signs will run different information. The signs at each exterior door will run an updated list of imminent events and locations. Occasionally, during a college-wide event, some or all of the signs will run an event-specific slide.
Other signs throughout the building will run specific information based on their location(see list below). When you are entering an event for the digital signage, please be sure to indicate the correct placement.

Where will my digital sign appear?
General information
These screens are located throughout the Atrium and around the interior hallways of the building.
Gatton Building Entrances
The screens at all the entrances to the building are general information signs only. Graham Office of Career Management
Screen located inside the Graham Office – limited to Graham Office events and announcements.
Two screen locations – one inside the URC, and one located directly outside the URC offices. Limited to official URC events and announcements.
Student Organizations
Three screen locations – one inside the URC, one in the Atrium above the printers, and one near the student organizations office.

Below are some examples of well designed digital signs.