Strategic Objective 5

Achieve operational excellence

To accomplish our ambitious mission, Gatton College’s internal operations will exemplify an efficient, transparent, flexible, and fiscally sound organization.

Strategic Initiatives

  • Develop and execute an internal communications plan to align each department toward fulfilling the Gatton College mission.
  • Implement best practices in organizational structure, management practices, funding mechanisms, and the services we provide to our stakeholders.
  • Be transparent with all stakeholders on the amount of investible resources and decisions to deploy them.

Action Steps

  • Conduct a comprehensive review of the current structure and processes in the college and reorganize and streamline as appropriate.
  • Regularly communicate with the college to ensure that everyone is aware of the structure, new processes, and their role in the strategic plan.
  • Use technology to enhance productivity and efficiency in research, teaching, administration, and engagement through the automation of business and academic processes where feasible.
  • Regularly communicate with the college to convey everyone’s role in increasing the amount of investable funding.


  • Reduced administrative expense as a percentage of overall revenue
  • Improved cycle-times for key processes
  • Client satisfaction with Gatton College services