Strategic Objective 4

Increase external engagement and promote economic growth in Kentucky and beyond

We will translate our research and educational activities into practice by cultivating and strengthening mutually beneficial external partnerships and by supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem within the Gatton College, the university, and our region.

Strategic Initiatives

  • Enhance marketing communications of the Gatton College to promote engagement with and among the faculty, students, alumni, donors, employers, and other stakeholders with whom we partner.
  • Engage with businesses, governments, and non-profit organizations to improve their operations by sharing the expertise of our faculty and creating experiential learning opportunities for our students.
  • Promote and support an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Gatton College, UK, and the region as an engine for economic growth.

Action Steps

  • Create an alumni relations program.
  • Create a structured network of alumni and friends to develop internship and employment opportunities.
  • Increase faculty involvement in developing corporate partnerships for research, engagement, and employment opportunities for students.
  • Promote and disseminate faculty research in a format accessible to students, alumni, and external partners.
  • Increase internal and external promotion of Gatton College achievements.
  • Develop a network of investors and mentors to facilitate commercialization of UK technology and to assist economic development in Kentucky.
  • Encourage and support student participation in business plan or case competitions.
  • Develop a speaker series of successful entrepreneurs.


  • Revenue growth from external engagement activities
  • Marketing and brand awareness performance analytics
  • Employment outcomes of our students
  • Employment in start-up companies assisted by the Gatton College