Strategic Objective 3

Attract and support excellent scholars

Attract and support excellent scholars who produce rigorous, influential research at the forefront of business and economics. We will demonstrate the impact of our research and contribute to the university’s profile as a leading research-intensive institution.

Strategic Initiatives

  • Enhance the support, incentives, and rewards for faculty and doctoral student research on the basis of rigor, quality, impact, and external funding.
  • Identify, promote, and support areas of research excellence that distinguish the Gatton College.
  • Expand the number of research-active faculty members.

Action Steps

  • Provide competitive salary and research support for recruiting new research-focused faculty members.
  • Provide competitive support packages for doctoral students and take steps to improve the profile of entering students and the career outcomes of graduates.
  • Provide strong incentives for external research funding.
  • Proactively review compensation for research-active faculty members and preemptively respond to the market.
  • Increase summer research funding and improve procedures for allocating it.
  • Increase funding for conferences, workshops, and other investments in the human capital of our faculty and doctoral students.
  • Initiate departmental and college research awards for faculty and doctoral students.
  • Support visiting scholars and scholars-in-residence programs.


  • Number of publications in leading academic journals by faculty and doctoral students
  • Presentations at prestigious academic conferences by faculty and doctoral students
  • Number of citations, impact factors, h-indexes, or other appropriate measures of research quality and impact
  • External research recognition
  • External research funding
  • Time-to-degree of doctoral students
  • Quality of doctoral student placements