Strategic Objective 2

Improve student learning and career outcomes

Improve the learning and career outcomes of our students through more rigorous and relevant academic programs, meaningful enrichment activities, and improved academic and career advising.

Strategic Initiatives

  • Increase rigor and academic integrity.
  • Promote, support, incentivize, and reward teaching excellence among all faculty members and graduate teaching assistants.
  • Create or enhance enrichment activities to support intellectual, social, and emotional development of our students.
  • Provide innovative academic advising.
  • Provide innovative career advising.
  • Increase integration of academic and career advising.
  • Expand international focus.

Action Steps

  • Guide and champion a Gatton Code of Conduct for students, faculty, and staff that fosters professionalism, classroom behavior, ethics, civility, social responsibility, and academic integrity.
  • Establish a new honors program in Social Enterprise and other selective departmental honors programs that complement the new Lewis Honors College at UK.
  • Develop research opportunities for undergraduates and provide venues for presentation of their work.
  • Invest in academic and career advising, emphasizing innovative integration of both types of advising.
  • Initiate departmental and college teaching awards.
  • Expand internship opportunities, international experiences, and other enrichment activities.


  • First-to-second year retention
  • Graduation rates
  • Improved results in the assessment of learning outcomes
  • Student employment outcomes
  • Rate of student participation in international opportunities