Goal 5

Establish Mutually Beneficial, Lifelong Relationships with Alumni

Tactic/Activity KPI
Facilitate the presence of alumni / employers in classrooms, speaker series, mentorship program, and other events, with a focus on DE&I. Increased job / internships /and other post-graduate placements
Increased alumni giving
Increased student satisfaction with educational experience
# of students/alumni participating in mentorship program
Expanding industry relationships / internships opportunities with a focus on: 1) increasing internship opportunities outside of KY, and 2) utilizing greater area expertise in career services for developing industry relationships and connecting students with employers / alumni. Increased employer pool / student placements inside and outside of KY
Tactic/Activity KPI
Formalize a mentorship program between alumni and students with a focus on DE&I, facilitating engagement between multiple key stakeholders. Analytics of platform to measure success of engagement
Measure both quantitative and qualitative outcomes
Communicate engagement opportunities, including information about high performing students to our Gatton alumni via all the channels. Evaluate analytics for all channels (website should serve as a one-stop location for alumni)
Number of hire / internship increases
Distinguished Lecture Series: Invite distinguished speakers from academic, politics, business to discuss pressing societal challenges. Engagement of University with wider community, yielding increased outreach visibility
Donors to underwrite the series and other activities
Develop a podcast series that highlights successful Gatton alumni in the “Behind the Blue” podcast. Use analytics of platforms to measure success of engagement
Tactic/Activity KPI
Increase Gatton-specific events on- and off-site that are geared towards enabling our alumni to make more meaningful connections with one another at University events (e.g., UK Athletic events). Number of new contacts and relationships and the depth of connections
Rollout and promotion of the Gatton College app allowing higher connectivity to the College, UK and other alumni / faculty and staff. Assess app engagement measures (e.g., # and duration of interactions with the app)
Develop a database of alumni and key companies who hire within the region. Better and consistently targeted communication with alumni and employers
Establish additional departmental advisory boards. Board membership and participation
Expand the cultural impact of Gatton as a “Second Home” – the support and culture of Gatton can be important to all alumni. Increase relationships
Expand area alumni expertise in Graham Office of Career Management and Alumni Relations. Increase relationships
Encourage faculty engagement with alumni / employers through continuing education, advisory board membership and classroom events. Number of alumni engaged with faculty
Number of alumni engaged in continuing education through Gatton
Number of alumni engaged in classroom, extra-curricular activities