Goal 3

Re-envision operations as the connective tissue between stakeholders

Tactic/Activity KPI
Centralize business activity for the College. Usable, scalable staffing model
Develop a staffing model for College administrative units based upon agreed metrics. Finish, communicate, and implement model
Clarify and document roles for business units in the College. More transparency
Communicate roles along with staffing model
Create an onboarding program for administrative appointments and roles (ex: department chairs, program directors, and staff assistants) to ease the transition between appointments and staffing. Documented process
Process implementation
Tactic/Activity KPI
Develop Intranet sites documenting policy, procedures, how-to’s, resources, etc. for each operations area. Creation of related Intranet sites
Implementation of sites
Develop outward-facing sites for appropriate areas to provide information for those outside the College. Usage of web sites
Align College financial structure within the University system with our internal organizational structure. Transparency, accuracy, and ease of reporting
Develop a document retention model and system for College documentation.
Retention of documents according to the official UK Document Retention Policy.
Tactic/Activity KPI
Develop the mission and vision of a College-wide Business Analytics Group focused on internal support (not an academic department). Fully staffed unit made up of existing and new staff
Develop a process to provide projections regarding strategic business activities in order to maximize revenue and the stakeholder experience (e.g., course enrollment projections). Projection results communicated with academic departments and Gatton administration
Central repository for data metrics related to students, academic programs, and College financials. Faster data dissemination
Tactic/Activity KPI
Provide career services to B&E staff. Outline of services offered by Graham Office of Career Management communicated to staff
Articulate and standardize professional development expectations and opportunities for staff. Participation rates
Annual evaluation through employee performance evaluations
Analyze job duties and work arrangements for maximum staff efficiency and effectiveness. Efficiency of duties and use of space in Gatton building