Honors Pathways

How does the Pathways Programs work with the Lewis Honors College? Am I a University Honors student as well?
All Pathways students are official members of the University of Kentucky Lewis Honors College. This partnership helps to streamline the application process, recruitment initiatives, and curricular interests for students within Gatton College by allowing them to select a customized Pathway Program option, within the larger Honors context. In this way students are still fulfilling their general Honors requirements with their cohorted pathway classes.
What am I allowed to major in?
Your degree may be in any of the five majors within the Gatton College that you choose to study. Pathway Programs are enrichment programs that are designed to enhance whatever major you choose within the Gatton College.
When should I apply to the program?
The Honors Priority deadline is December 1st. The Honors Pathway applications are a part of the general UK application.
Can you participate in multiple Honors Pathways programs?
Unfortunately no. Due to the individual curricular requirements, students may only participate in one of the Pathway programs.
Do you have to live in a particular residence hall to be in one of these programs?
Students in Global Scholars and Social Enterprise Scholars are encouraged to stay in the Honors Residence Hall located on Central Campus. SEAM students have the option of staying either in the Honors Residence Hall or in the College of Engineering Residential College.
What are the benefits of participating in a Pathways program?
Gatton Honors Pathway students will receive specialized curriculum with small cohort classes taught by our top faculty, integrated advising, scholarships opportunities, early admissions to upper division courses, leadership development, and much more. They will have one-on-one interaction with local business and community leaders as well as counseling for nationally competitive awards like Fulbright, Rhodes and Truman. Pathway students also get all the benefits of a general Honors student such as priority registration and an opportunity to stay in the Honors Residential College.
Can I apply for a pathway after my freshmen year?
As a general rule, students are only allowed to apply as incoming freshmen or during the fall semester of their freshmen year.
How many Students are in the Gatton Pathways Programs?
The programs are each capped at roughly 40 students. Therefore there will be a maximum of 120 Gatton Honors Pathways students per year.