Within the Gatton College of Business and Economics are five academic areas: The Von Allmen School of Accountancy, and the departments of Economics, Finance & Quantitative Methods, Management, and Marketing & Supply Chain. With exceptional course offerings and faculty who are experts in their fields, the academic units of the Gatton College house all degree programs.

Von Allmen School of Accountancy

For nearly 40 years, the Von Allmen School of Accountancy has been preparing men and women for careers in the accounting field. With a core of more than 15 well-trained, expert faculty members, the Von Allmen School of Accountancy offers bachelor, master and Ph.D. degrees in accounting. While the traditional debit-and-credit pedagogy is taught within the School, a strong emphasis is placed on analytical and communication skills. This approach has fostered a unique teaching and learning environment and enables our graduates to leave with not only a focused accounting experience, but with core leadership skills that will allow them to advance in their fields.

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As the oldest academic unit of the Gatton College of Business and Economics, the Department of Economics has the tradition of its past coupled with the progressiveness of today. Faculty members within the department actively participate in cutting-edge research enabling them to bring a wealth of experience and knowledge into the classroom. The Department of Economics' commitment to research is also evidenced by the housing of two critical research centers: the Center for Business and Economic Research and the Center for Poverty Research. The Department is also actively involved with the Gatton College's annual Economic Outlook where the economic forecasts for the state of Kentucky and the nation are predicted.

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Finance & Quantitative Methods

The Department of Finance & Quantitative Methods offers upper-level and graduate courses on a variety of financial topics. The foundation sequence in corporate finance and investments requires an understanding of many other subjects, and students may enroll in finance classes only after successfully completing specific courses in accounting, economics, mathematics, and quantitative methods. For those who have decided to concentrate in Finance & Quantitative Methods, the remainder of the program can be tailored to meet individual interests.

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The Department of Management provides students with broad knowledge, skills, and perspectives in consulting, decision making, small-business management, and global-business management and entrepreneurship. Our primary objective is to enable students to pursue careers in a variety of organizations, corporations, government agencies, and industries, whether public or private, product or service-oriented, large or start-up, profit or nonprofit. And much like the Department of Economics, the Department of Management is home to the International Center for Research on Social Networks in Business (LINKS).

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Marketing & Supply Chain

The Department of Marketing and Supply Chain provides instruction focused on intercompany customer relationships and the promotion of products and services as components of an organization's business strategy. Students in the marketing program develop broad communication skills, an understanding of the psychology of consumer behavior, and expertise in research and computer-based tools for marketing analysis.

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