Conference Rooms

The Gatton College of Business & Economics is equipped with state-of-the-art conference rooms in various sizes. Please see the listing below for detailed information about each room..

*** NOTE: Only conference rooms 223J, 230 will appear in for general UK users. Only those conference rooms are available for reservation by non-Gatton users. Gatton registered student organizations are the only student organizations who have access to reserve Gatton College spaces. To become a Gatton registered student organization please contact

Conference Room 323J

Room 323J

Conference Room 330

Room 330

Conference Room 435UV

Room 435UV

Room 435U

Room 435U

Pricing Information Reserve a Room Facility Policies Solstice Screen Sharing

  Typical Conference Room Large Conference Room Divisible Conference Room Video Conference Room

1 To connect Mac to conference rooms or classrooms, use either an HDMI connection or a mini display port to display port adapter.

2 Only for connections via Solstice.

3 Kincaid Auditorium does not have a fixed confidence monitor. A portable one can be requested.

4 Table microphones in the Furst Boardroom are not fixed and must be requested.

5 For rooms designated "Echo Personal Capture": Video camera is not fixed and must be requested. Video capture is done through the Echo 360 Personal Capture software on the resident PC.

6 The divisible conference room can be used as one large room or divided into two smaller rooms.

7 For rooms designated "Via Web App": There is no Haivision Decoder in the room. Playback of streaming video is done via the resident PC.

8 Haivision IPTV encoder is used to stream video to IPTV decoders or over the web to devices via the web.

Room List 132F, 144Q, 223J, 323J 230, 330, 430 435UV 6 359H
Occupancy 16 – 20 24 36 12
Type of Seating Movable Movable Movable Movable
Room Layout Flat Flat Flat Flat
Food and Drink Allowed Yes Yes Yes Yes
Whiteboard(s) 144Q, 223J, 248, 323J Yes No No
Podium No No No No
Option to Remove Podium No No No No
Crestron Equipment Control 7" Touchpanel 7" Touchpanel 2, 7" Touchpanels 7" Touchpanel
Projector(s)   1 3  
Type of Projection Screen   Retractable Retractable  
LED Display 80"     2, 65"
Local PC 1 1 1 1
USB Port for Jump Drives Yes Yes Yes Yes
Powerpoint Remote/Pointer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ceiling Mics No No No Yes
Table Mics No No No No
Ceiling Speakers Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wall mount speakers No No No No
Video Camera Fixed Fixed No Fixed
Video Recording/Echo360 5 Echo Personal Capture Echo Personal Capture No Echo Personal Capture
IPTV Video Streaming - Out 8 No No No No
IPTV Video Streaming - In 7 Via Web App Via Web App Via Web App Via Web App
Skype w/video Yes Yes No Yes