Faculty Directory

Adib Bagh
Associate Professor, Director of the Mathematical Economics Program
Felipe Benguria
Assistant Professor
Chris Bollinger
Sturgill Endowed Professor of Economics
Mike Clark
Associate Director, Center for Business and Economic Research
Charles Courtemanche
Associate Professor
Anthony Creane
Gatton Endowed Professor
Alejandro Dellachiesa
Lecturer in Economics
Josh Ederington
Gatton Professor of Economics
John Garen
BB&T Professor
Bob Gillette
Associate Professor
Gail Hoyt
Professor of Economics and Gatton College Teaching Fellow
William Hoyt
Chair Gatton Endowed Professor
Yoonbai Kim
Carlos Lamarche
Gatton Endowed Professor of Economics
Steven Lugauer
Assistant Professor
Lala Ma
Assistant Professor
Olga Malkova
Assistant Professor
Jenny Minier
Professor of Economics
Darshak Patel
Director of Undergraduate Studies/Lecturer
Frank Scott
Gatton Endowed Professor in Economics
Ken Troske
Richard W. and Janis H. Furst Endowed Chair of Economics
Aaron Yelowitz
Professor of Economics
James Ziliak
Gatton Endowed Chair in Microeconomics; Director of the Center for Poverty Research; Executive Director of the Kentucky Federal Statistical Research Data Center

Joint Faculty

David Agrawal
Assistant Professor
J. S. Butler
Alison Davis
Yoko Kusunose
Assistant Professor

Adjunct Faculty

Robert Houston
Adjunct Faculty


Glenn Blomquist
Professor of Economics and Public Policy Emeritus
David Wildasin
Endowed Professor of Public Finance (Emeritus), Martin School of Public Policy and Administration and Professor (Emeritus)