Workshops and Colloquia

All workshops and colloquia take place on Fridays at 11:00 a.m. in Gatton 127.

Date Name School
9/9/2016 Dr. Brian White University of Texas at Austin
9/23/2016 Dr. Bernard Wong-on-Wing Washington State University
10/14/2016 Russell Williamson University of Kentucky
10/28/2016 Pinky Rusli (Dissertation prop) University of Kentucky
11/4/2016 Colloquium - Dr. Teri Yohn Indiana University
11/11/2016 Dr. David Piercey University of Massachusetts - Amherst
12/2/2016 Dr. Qing Liao Burke Miami University (Ohio)
2/3/2017 Dr. Ann Backof University of Virginia
2/17/2017 Dr. Ken Bills University of Arkansas
3/3/2017 Colloquium - Dr. Lisa Koonce University of Texas at Austin
3/10/2017 Dr. Todd Kravet University of Connecticut
3/24/2017 Dr. Mike Iselin University of Minnesota
4/7/2017 Dr. Natalia Kochetova-Kozloski Saint Mary's University
4/21/2017 Dr. Theresa Libby University of Waterloo
4/28/2017 Dr. Bob Libby Cornell University

Previous Year Workshops

Dr. David Hay
Dr. Gary Hecht
Dr. Mark Nigrini
Dr. Lauren Cunningham

Previous Colloquia

Dr. Linda Myers, Dr. Mark Peecher  2015-16
Dr. Kathryn Kadous, Dr. Ole-Kristian Hope  2014-15
Dr. Paul Hribar  2013
Dr. Ted Mock, Dr. Greg Waymire  2012-13
Dr. Jean Bedard, Dr. Mort Pincus  2011-12
Dr. John Fellingham, Dr. Dan Collins  2010