Seminars and Workshops

As part of its commitment to academic excellence, the Department of Economics sponsors numerous workshops and seminars each semester. Speakers for our workshop series are a mix of faculty and graduate students, in addition to leading scholars from other universities.

Mark C. Berger Workshop Series

All Mark C. Berger Seminars are Friday afternoons at 3:00 PM in Gatton 199 unless otherwise noted. All are welcome to attend. Papers (when available) can be downloaded using the link on the paper title.

Date Presenter Title
February 16 Sebastian Kessing "Corporate Tax Pass-Through to Consumer Prices - Micro Evidence from Germany"
February 23-24  UK Cleveland Federal Reserve Workshop on the Economics of Education, Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank, Cleveland, OH For more information about the conference and to register see Workshop (register by February 22nd) 
March 2 David Blau (Ohio State) "Is Family Structure "Transmitted" across Generations?"
March 7 (Wed) BE 235 1-2:30 pm Mazhar Waseem (Manchester) "Information, Asymmetric Incenties, or Withholding?  Understanding the Self-Enforcement of Value-Added Tax"
March 9 Xu Lin (Virginia Tech) "Social Interaction and Social Preferences in Social Networks"

March 21 (Wed) 1:30 - 3:00 PM

BE 311

Stefania Albanesi (Pittsburgh) "Credit Growth and the Financial Crisis: A New Narrative"
March 30 Juan Carlos Cordoba (Iowa State) "Accounting for the International Quantity-Quality Tradeoff"
April 6 Nick Kuminoff (Arizona State) "Hazed and Confused:  Air Pollution, Dementia, and Financial Decision Making"
April 13 William Lastrapes (Georgia) "On the Welfare Effects of Phasing Our Paper Currency"
April 20 (Kincaid Auditorium) Justin Wolfers (Michigan) "Economics and Happiness: New Data and New Findings"
April 27 BE 265 10-11:15 am Session 1: Rodrigo Adao (Chicago) "Spatial Linkages, Global Shocks and Local Labor Markets: Theory and Evidence"
April 27 BE 265 11:30-12:45 am Session 2: Felipe Benguria (Kentucky) "Labor Markets and the Transmission of Commodity Price Super-Cycles"
April 27 BE 199 2-3:15 am Session 3: Kerem Cosar (Virginia) "Shipping Inside the Box: Containerization and Trade"
April 27 BE 199 3:30-4:45 am Session 3: Carl Davidson (Michigan State) "Globalization and the Jobs Ladder"

Department Workshops

Workshops are held on Mondays 12:30 – 1:30 PM in Gatton 311 unless otherwise noted. Papers (when available) can be downloaded using the link on the paper title.

Date Presenter Title
February 26 Weihua Zhou (Louisville) "Do HOV Lanes Save Energy? Evidence from a General Equilibrium Model of the City" 
March 5 Amanda Michaud (Indiana) The Disability Option: Labor Market Dynamics with Macroeconomic and Health Risks
March 12 Spring Break
March 19 Andrew Goodman Bacon (Vanderbilt) Differences-in-Differences with Variation in Treatment Timing
March 26 Maria Padilla-Romo (Tennessee) The Effects of Children's Time in School on Mother's Labor Supply: Evidence from Mexico's Full-Time Schools Program
April 2 Scott Holladay (Tennessee) Search and Purchase Behavior for Energy-Efficient Durable Goods
April 9 4th Year Presentations See schedule
April 16 4th Year Presentations See schedule
April 23 Michele Marcus (Vanderbilt) "Testing the Water: Drinking water quality, public notification and school absences"
May 14 BE 230 Yuqing Zheng (Kentucky) "Quantifying Grocery Tax Impacts using Scanner Data: Evidence from Natural Experiments"

Martin School Seminar Schedule

Gatton 235, 11:00am – 12:00pm

Date Presenter Title
February 16 Jennifer Bird-Pollan (University of Kentucky, Law School) "The Sovereign Right to Tax: How Bilateral Investment Treaties Threaten Sovereignty"
February 23
March 2 Andrew Haughwout (New York Federal Reserve Bank, Economic Research)
March 9 Mirya Holman (Tulane University, Dep. of Political Science)
March 16 Spring Break
March 23 Raj Darolia (University of Kentucky, Martin School)
March 30 Susanna Loeb (Stanford University, Dep. of Education)
April 6 Dan Black (University of Chicago, Harris School of Public Policy)
April 13 Ron Zimmer (University of Kentucky, Martin School)
April 20 Capstone Week
April 27 Brian Jacob (University of Michigan, Gerald Ford School of Public Policy)