Affiliated Centers

At the Gatton College of Business and Economics we're committed to thoughtful, scholarly research. As part of this commitment, the College houses numerous centers which study various topics such as labor, poverty and economic research. Within the Department of Economics two centers exist to help further research in the economics arena. To find out more information about each center, please click on the links below.

Center for Business & Economic Research University of Kentucky Center for Poverty Research


On Persistent Poverty in a Rich Country

Between 1960 and 2000, income per capita in the United States increased 175% and poverty rates fell from 22% to just over 11%. Despite this economic progress, poverty has remained stubbornly high in several regions of the country. Gatton’s Jenny Minier looks at the reasons why.


“America Works” Works

Gatton faculty Aaron Yelowitz and Chris Bollinger’s research finds that programs like America Works, in particular ones that quickly place former inmates in jobs, significantly decrease the likelihood of ex-offenders with nonviolent histories being rearrested.


Did the Affordable Care Act Improve Health?

Gatton faculty Aaron Yelowitz and co-authors looked at the relationship between the gains in both public and private insurance coverage and the Affordable Care Act. It examined the impact of the ACA on the overall health of the American population and considered whether those gains could be directly attributed to the ACA.


Do People Migrate in Response to Higher Tax Rates?

Gatton faculty David Agrawal explores how increases in income tax affects the mobility of top income-earners.