Job Market Candidates 2018-19

We're pleased to present our job market candidates for 2018-19:

Name Email Primary Fields Advisor Job Market Paper
Kevin M. Allen Macroeconomics and International Trade Josh Ederington Trade Exposure and the Impact of Economic Sanctions on Civil Liberties
Guowen Chen Macroeconomics and public economics Ana María Herrera Policy and Misallocation
Andrew Jonelis Macroeconomics, Growth, Development Jenny Minier Legislatures and Growth
Yaorong Lou International Finance Yoonbai Kim Estimation of Chinese Yuan De Facto Exchange Rate Basket Weights
Amanda McCullough Public and IO David Agrawal and Bill Hoyt ”Candy Crushed-Grain Saga: Responses to Tax Notches in the Confections Market”
Robert Perez Health, Labor, and Public Aaron Yelowitz Home-ownership Effects of Eminent Domain Legislation Following The Kelo Supreme Court Ruling
Kara Riesing Macroeconomics, Public Economics Jenny Minier and Ana María Herrera The Effects of Tornadoes on Local Labor Markets
Matthijs Schendstok Macroeconomics, Public Economics Ana María Herrera and Bill Hoyt Roads to Equality? The Distributional Effects of Federal Transportation Grants
Katherine Toran Health economics, public economics Aaron Yelowitz "Does Medicare Part D Extend Lives? Medicare Part D and Mortality
Cody N. Vaughn Labor and Public Economics James Ziliak Long-Run Impact of Welfare Reform on Educational Attainment and Family Structure
Benjamin Wallace Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics, Environmental Economics Anthony Creane and Adib Bagh Nonlinear Pricing: Evidence of Price Discrimination in the Fluid Milk Market
Zheng Yang Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconometrics, Frank Scott On the “Razor-and-Blades’’ Myth: How market power influences pricing strategy

Director of Graduate Studies and Placement Director: Josh Ederington (email)

Placement Assistant: Jeannie Graves (email)