The University of Kentucky is one of 22 universities, think tanks and advocacy organizations that will receive funding from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation in support of new, independent research intended to inform federal policy affecting the future of the internet.

Huiwen Lian has recently published a paper in Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes (OBHDP) titled, “Being Sensitive to Positives has its Negatives: An Approach/Avoidance Perspective on Reactivity to Ostracism."

Matt Zook (Geography) and Steve Borgatti have recently received $285,806 from NSF to study "Cryptocurrencies and New Spaces of Finance”, in which they look at exchanges among thousands of wallets.

Ji Youn (Rose) Kim's coauthored paper (with Emily Pahnke, Michael Howard and Warren Boeker), "Bankers or Brokers? For Favored Firms, VCs Invest More than Dollars" has been chosen for a Schulze Publication Award for 2018. 

Scott Soltis' professional development workshop, “Building a Research Community: Advancing a Social Network Paradigm in Human Resource Management" (to be presented at the upcoming Academy of Management Meetings in Boston), was selected for a $1,000 sponsorship from Boston University.

Ph.D. students Jason Ross and Ajay Mehra's paper, “The Role of Memory and Cognition (vs. Activity and Behavior) in Social Networks," has been accepted for presentation at the upcoming Academy of Management Meetings in Boston. The symposium was accepted by three divisions (Organization and Management Theory, Management and Organizational Communications, and Organizational Behavior) and was chosen by the Organizational Behavior division as a "showcase Symposium", which is in the top 10% of symposia accepted, and is expected to attract a large audience.

Dan Halgin has received the 2019 Honors Pathways Faculty of Excellence Award, given by students in the Social Enterprise and Global Scholars Honors programs.

On March 8, Ji Youn (Rose) Kim presented her paper, "The influence of Venture Capital Syndicate Size on Venture Performance" as a guest speaker for Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Speaker Series at the University of Connecticut.

The Department of Management hosted the 2019 Mid-South Management Research Consortium, organized by Wally Ferrier and Joe Labianca, February 22-24, at the Gatton College. Albert Cannella, Texas A&M University, presented the keynote address, "Strategic Leadership Research in the Digital Age".

University of Kentucky presenters included:

Joyti Gupta, "Celebrity CEO: A Network Perspective"

Jason Ross, "Toward a Theory of Dormant Ties"

As part of the LINKS Center Distinguished Scholar lecture series, Michael Jensen, University of Michigan, presented his research, "The Paradox of Awards: How Status Ripples Affect Who Benefits From CEO Awards", on February 22.