Gatton faculty honored for Teaching and Research Excellence Awards

The Gatton College of Business and Economics is proud to announce the recipients at the annual Faculty Awards Day. This event recognizes those faculty who have received awards for outstanding teaching and research along with recognizing those faculty who have received university awards. 

(L-R) Jack Kirn, Mikhail Wolfson, Susan Zhu, Walter Ferrier and Dan Halgin

The 2022 Teaching Excellence Awards are awarded to faculty who inspire passion for their discipline. This award recognizes faculty that help students think critically and creatively about business problems and/or who have helped students engage with the local community. This year’s recipients were:  

2022 Teaching Excellence Award - Graduate Student 

Wenyin Li

2022 Teaching Excellence Awards – (Two) Faculty Members 

Jack Kirn & Jordan Moffett

2022 SGO Above and Beyond Award 

Gail Hoyt

The 2022 Research Excellence Initiative Awards are part of the college’s broader strategic mandate on the Research Excellence Initiative, which is to influence the thinking of business leaders, policymakers and scholars around the world by providing insight and analysis of key topics critical to the business, policy, and research communities.  

This year’s recipients were:  

2022 Research Excellence Initiative - Junior Faculty  

Mikhail Wolfson 

2022 Research Excellence Initiative - Research Productivity 

Will Gerken

2022 Research Excellence Initiative - Academic Impact 

Kristine Hankins 

2022 Research Excellence Initiative - Managerial Impact 

Susan Zhu 

2022 Research Excellence Initiative - Societal Impact 

Monika Causholli

A special acknowledgement for two university awards were given to two faculty members.  
University Research Professor Award 

Kristine Hankins

UK Alumni Great Teacher 

Olivia Davis

Congratulations to the 2022 faculty award recipients! 


For more information about these awards, or to nominate for 2023, please visit the links below.

Teaching Excellence AwardsResearch Excellence Initiative Awards