Accounting Ph.D. program well represented at University of Illinois Audit Symposium

The University of Kentucky's Von Allmen School of Accountancy Ph.D. program was well represented at the University of Illinois Audit Symposium with two papers from Nargess Golshan and Blake Holman

Nargess Golshan presented, "Does working from home impact audit quality? Evidence from non-pharmaceutical interventions during Covid-19," co-authored with Gatton faculty, Monika Causholli and Ph.D. student, Mark Cheng.

Blake Holman presented, "Tell me more? Explanation detail and auditor reliance on human and non-human specialists," co-authored with Gatton faculty, Ben Commerford.

Pictured (left to right) Cheng, Causholli, Golshan, Holman and Commerford.