Chris Tan and Cooper Winrich took home the first place, and second place went to Trevor Payne and Jake Keys.

Quint Tatro recently appeared on CNBC "Traders weigh in on Buffett’s billion-dollar bets on Chevron and Verizon."

Russell Jame shared his thoughts with, "BlackRock Borrows Against Diversity."

"The Level, Slope and Curve Factor Model for Stocks" is forthcoming in the Journal of Financial Economics.  

Xuanhao Wo, a Chinese international student majoring in finance, had a role in creating his own internship.

This seminar bridges the gap between academics and the real world to equip students with hands-on practical financial skills. 

PNC Associate Professor of Finance Leonce Bargeron will be published in Management Science. 

A group of analysts discuss how investors can benefit from the worldwide shortage of semiconductors this year by investing in stocks set to flourish from the high demand in chips.

Peter Trager was recently quoted in a Courier-Journal story detailing the GameStop stock surge. 

David Sovich breaks down a study on the push for a $15 minimum wage on a recent FOX Business appearance.