Name Graduation Year Original Position Current Position
Qiping Huang 2018 Boise State Assistant Professor, Boise State
David Moore 2018 Loyola Marymount Assistant Professor, Loyola Marymount (LA)
Nathaniel Graham 2016 Trinity University (Visiting) Assistant Professor, Texas A&M International
Soohyung Kim 2015 University of Wisconsin - La Crosse Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin- La Crosse
Tim Riley 2014 U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas
Di Kang 2014 Zhejiang University Assistant Professor, Zhejiang University
Xin Hong 2014 Zhejiang University Assistant Professor, Zhejiang University
Sunayan Acharya 2012 Murray State University Assistant Professor, Murray State University
Monika Rabarison 2012 Towson University (Visiting) Assistant Professor, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Jill Kirby 2010 Butler University Director, CUNA Mutual Group
Jon Fulkerson 2009 Loyola Maryland Assistant Professor, Dayton University
Hinh Khieu 2009 University of Southern Indiana Assistant Professor, Prairie View A&M
Qun Wu 2008 University of Arkansas — Little Rock (Visiting) Assistant Professor, University of Nevada, Reno
Zsuzsa Hsuzar 2007 California State University — Pomona Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore
Pankaj Maskara 2007 Eastern Kentucky University Associate Professor, Nova Southeastern
Zekeriya Eser 2007 Eastern Kentucky University Assistant Professor, Eastern Kentucky University
Denver Travis 2006 California State University — Sacramento Assistant Professor, Saint Joseph's University
John Gonas 2005 Belmont University Associate Professor, Belmont University
Mark Pyles 2005 College of Charleston Associate Professor, College of Charleston
Steven Dolvin 2004 Butler University Professor, Butler University
Sylvia Lu 2004 Tamkang University (Taiwan) Associate Prfoessor, Tamkang University (Taiwan)
Michael Highfield 2002 Louisiana Tech University Professor, Mississippi State University
Ha-Chin Yi 2002 Texas State University Professor, Texas State University
Daniel Bradley 2001 Clemson University Professor, University of South Florida
Ivan Roten 2001 Appalachian State University Associate Professor, Appalachian State University