The LINKS Center for Social Network Analysis hosted the ION8, the eight meeting of the Intra-Organizational Networks Conference.  Scholars from ten different coountries met in the Gatton College to present and discuss their latest research findings on the effects of social networks in organizations.  Thanks to confrence coordinator Dan Halgin and Connie Blakemore for a very successful two days of stimulating organizational network research.  

 Scott Soltis and Dan Brass (with David Lepak, U. of Massachusetts Amherst) had their paper, "Social Resources Management: Integrating Social Network Theory and Human Resource Management," accepted for publication in Academy of Management Annuals. 


Dan Halgin's research, Halgin, D. S. Glynn, M. A. and Rockwell, D. Organizational actorhood and the management of paradox: A visual analysis, was accepted for publication at Organization Studies. 

Also, congratulations to Dan on receiving a grant of $1550 from the Vice President for Research UK to be used for hosting our 2018 ION conference.

In his dissertation, Tejas Channagiri, a PhD candidate in strategic management at Gatton, investigates the role of status differences among firms in impacting their motivation to launch competitive moves against one another. The question is an interesting and important one to answer because extant research makes equivocal predictions. Some research indicates that status hierarchies are characterized by lower status actors accepting rather than questioning their position within the hierarchy.


Dan Halgin and Zhi Huang had their research: Walsh, I.W., Halgin, D.S, & Huang, Z. , “Making old friends: Understanding the causes and consequences of maintaining former coworker relationships,” accepted for publication in Academy of Management Discoveries.

Dan Halgin and Zhi Huang's research (with Ian Walsh, U. Mass), "Making Old Friends: Understanding the Causes and Consequences of Maintaining Former Coworker Relationships" has been accepted for publication at Academy of Management Discoveries.

Ji Youn "Rose" Kim, Gatton assistant professor of management, joins faculty members from all 14 Southeastern Conference universities taking part in the 2017-18 SEC Faculty Travel Program. 

Kim will travel to the Department of Management in the Mays Business School at Texas A&M University to work with Dr. Mike Howard and Dr. Michael Withers on research introducing analytical tools (Exponential Random Graph Models) to management strategy research. 

Several faculty and PhD students participated in the recent Academy of Management Annual Meetings in Atlanta, August 10-16.

Ji Youn (Rose) Kim received the CGIO Best Paper Award in International Corporate Governance from the International Management Division of the Academy.for her research: Xu, K., Kim, J., Withers, M. & Howard, M., "The evolution of board interlock network: A comparative study of U.S. and China."

Jon Wuerzburger knew since the age of eight that he wanted to serve in the United States Air Force. But he also aspired to one day become a Wildcat because of family ties back in Kentucky. After serving as an aircraft mechanic and the youngest C-17 flying crew chief in the Air Force, he decided to pursue his higher education goals at the University of Kentucky as a management major in the Gatton College of Business and Economics.

Joe Labianca's paper “Sociometric Status and Peer Control Attempts: A Multiple Status Hierarchies Approach,” (with DeKlepper, M., Sleebos, E., & Agneessens, F.) was accepted for publication at  Journal of Management Studies.

Wally Ferrier's paper, “Does It Pay To Compete Aggresively? Contingent Roles of Internal and External Resources” (with Goce Andrevsky) was accepted for publication at Journal of Management.