Ph.D. student. Katherine Toran was awarded Best Graduate Student Paper in Economics for her paper “Does Medicare Part D Extend Lives? Medicare Part D and Life Expectancy" at the Ohio Association of Economists and Political Scientists Annual Meeting (September 21 - 22).

James P. Ziliak presented "Restoring Economic Opportunity for 'The People Left Behind': Employment Strategies for Rural America" at the Aspen Institute Economic Strategy Group, on August 7-10, 2018 in Aspen, CO.

James P. Ziliak is Principal Investigator (Craig Gundersen, Co-Investigator, University of Illinois) on a $1.5 million grant, “Understanding Food-Related Hardships among Older Americans,”  from the Food and Nutrition Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture,

Anthony Creane is spending the academic year on sabbatical at Universitat Pompeu Fabra as a Visiting Scholar, an honorary faculty-level appointment at Pompeu Fabra. Universitat Pompeu Fabra/BGSE is ranked 17th Economics Department in the world by IDEAS.

Ana Maria Herrera's paper, "Forecasting Crude Oil Price Volatility" (with Liang Hu and Daniel Pastor), is forthcoming in the International Journal of Forecasting.

Ana María Herrera is spending the academic year as a Visiting Fellow at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Visiting Faculty at the Barcelona Graduate School for Economics.

Xiaozhou Ding (Ph.D. student) and Lala Ma's paper "Flood Risk and Salience: New Evidence from the Sunshine State" (with Laura Bakkensen) is forthcoming in the Southern Economic Journal.

Tony Creane presented "Shipping The Good Apples Under Strategic Competition" at the 45th Annual Conference of the European Association for Research in Industrial Economics Athens University of Economics and Business and XXXIII Jornadas de Economia Industrial, Universitat Barcelona.

Bradley Hardy, a 2011 Ph.D. in Economics for UK, and currently an Associate Professor at American University won the 2017 Best Article award from Contemporary Economic Policy, for his article, "Income Instability and the Response of the Safety Net."

Congratulations to senior major Caroline Will. Out of 150 applicants, Caroline Will has been selected as one of five 2018 Kentucky Derby Festival Princesses. Over a four month period, she will be an ambassador for the City of Louisville, and will attend over 70 Derby Festival events. Princesses of the Royal Court are chosen based on poise, intelligence, personality, academics, knowledge of the Derby Festival, as well as school and community involvement.