Trager Talks GameStop Stock Surge with Courier-Journal

Currency trader and finance lecturer Peter Trager told the Courier-Journal that the GameStop surge was "not surprising because of the 'new guard' of technologically savvy millennial investors and the speed at which information travels." Observing how the GameStop stock traded Thursday — its close was down roughly 44 percent compared with Wednesday's — Trager said he thinks the stock is starting to "run out of steam," particularly as more short sellers are squeezed out.

"A lot of people that are jumping in are younger people that are excited, and they're making quick money. But what I always tell my class is that you don't learn how to trade until you lose money," Trager said. "Maybe you were quick and you got in GameStop at $30 and you're just laughing. ... But there's a lot of people who own GameStop at $300 that are pretty nervous right now."

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